Why’s Delhi Police Playing Mirror Mirror On The Cop?

Why’s Delhi Police Playing Mirror Mirror On The Cop?

Cops have had a reputation for being notorious, unforgiving, and all the negative adjectives that you can think of. However, there are two sides to every coin. If a cop is harsh, then in all probability, it has got to do something with the welfare of the citizens. After all, they are paid to look after the citizens, so that they are not harmed in any way. However, if the citizens themselves choose to shut their eyes to the danger that glares them in the face, then there is only so much that the police can do.

Two-wheelers have been a dream of the young generation. For some, it is a super convenient gift from the parents of a few spoilt kids, who right after coming of age, think that owning a bike is a custom. What a lot of these kids (and sometimes adults too) forget to remember is that a thing called a helmet goes hand in hand with any two wheeler. Some people think it is too tiresome to take ten seconds out of their busy schedules and don the helmet, while there are a few people who belong to the category of “coolness comes first”.

These are the people who are inappropriately inspired by Bollywood, who have romanticized bike rides and think it is cool to commute in two wheelers with a pair of glasses and not wear any helmet because a particular hero in a particular movie had not and he happened to get the hottest girlfriend. However, they got inspired by the wrong hero. Had they observed closely, then they would have remembered that the “emaandaar chor”, John Abraham, always wore helmet in the movie, Dhoom.

Having said all that, Delhi Police has taken this no helmet issue very seriously. They are now leaving no stones unturned to spread awareness among the commuters of two-wheelers about the dangers they can be faced with if they travel without helmets. It seems like the Delhi Police has stepped into the roles of patient parents, who keep their calm and explain to their kids the atrocities of a fast life. Previously, they had had safety awareness campaigns about wearing helmets, but obviously that plan did not drive home anything to the commuters. So now, they have a plan B.

Very recently, social media had been raging with a video which went viral, and we think we know why. The video had a dutiful cop wearing a helmet, standing with a mirror in front of a commuter of a two wheeler who did not have a helmet. The cop had several placards to go as well. The placards read, “The mirror does not lie”, “My helmet, my safety. What about you?”, “Always wear helmets with the ISI mark”, “We wish you a safe journey.”

This video, which conveyed a lot, was a true slap in the face of all those “smart” riders who think they will be robbed of their cool quotient if their face gets hidden by the helmet while riding a two wheeler. While this may have instilled some amount of shame in the ones who do not give two hoots about their safety on the streets, we wonder how effective this will be in totality.

Bengaluru Police had a more effective take on this when they decided to dress like Lord Yama, the god of death and surprise the helmetless commuters by giving them a rose, which implied that if you do not wear helmet while riding, you would soon have to shake hands with the lord of death. This action may have instilled some amount of fear in the local commuters.

The Delhi Police has indeed taken a huge step in spreading awareness about the safety of commuters. We can be generous enough to spend thousands of money on booze and smoke and partying, but we cannot spare a few bucks to save our lives and get a helmet. If this remains the case, then we actually would have to shake hands with Lord Yama sooner than we think.

Nonetheless, kudos to Delhi Police for a huge step in showing that they do care for the citizens.