Why You Should Write A Memoir?

Reasons why you should write a journal. It has many benefitsfor you.

Write A Memoir

Many celebrities and leaders write memoir. It is their version of life events. When you are in the centre of things, there are many who interpret what happened to you. A memoir is a chance for vindication.

But while the stalwarts may write memoirs, here is why you should too write one. It is a way to record some amazing experiences. While you may have climbed a peak, or seen dolphins against a sunset, or been on a beautiful trip with your mate, it is important to record these memories.

Story- telling by itself is a wonderful skill. Writing your memorable moments helps you to gain clarity over the sequence of events, and it may help others who may be in a similar position in life.

We often have a curiosity about our grandparents and family backgrounds. Writing a memoir is a good chance to research your family, and leave some genuine treasure for the future generations.

It is a great help to others. For instance, Ellen DeGeneres memoirs are an inspiration for the gay section of society. If a girl loves diamond, she must read Kareena Kapoor’s memoir to know how she gifted herself a seven-carat rock.

Journals and memoirs help us to record good memories. We can also note down failures, and revisit the lessons learnt from them. Sadness is a good reminder on the larger perspective on life, and can be recorded too. A diary is a good place to pen down your vulnerabilities, work on them and introspect about your own self in a true and open manner.

So pick up a pen, and write about yourself. This is the most humble way of introspection, and goes a long way in gaining self-awareness. Also, you may never know, someday kids will be adding your memoir to their reading bucket-list.