Why You Need To Stop Being So Busy

Being busy is great or is it?

Why You Need To Stop Being So Busy
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While you’re ‘busy’ going through life, life is passing you by. We’re all caught up with work, school or a competitive career in the fast paced world today. We’re constantly working hard towards a brighter future to secure ourselves financially for a comfortable life. That’s the end goal, isn’t it? But what about the things that actually matter? Have we become to busy to take out time for our own happiness? Here’s why you need to stop being busy:

1. For Your Friends And Family

What's life even if you cannot take out time for the people you love.
What’s life even if you cannot take out time for the people you love.

Image Credit: Unsplash.com

Too busy to go celebrate a friend’s birthday weekend. Too occupied to remember mom’s birthday. Big work meeting trumps my kids annual day at school. Haven’t we all been there trading the happiness you would’ve gained by being with your friends or family over a work commitment? What are you even working for if you can’t make it possible to be present for your loved ones? We don’t often give this fact a thought. We work endlessly to survive or provide enough for family but what good is the money if you keep missing the important moments. Soon, you’ll drift so far from your near and dear ones that the distance will be difficult to bridge.

2. Focus On Yourself

Time will fly by in the blink of an eye and you’ll be an oldie with enough moolah in the bank and only memorable stories from that one time you nailed an office presentation. Is that the life you imagine for yourself? You’re too busy to take a vacation for yourself or even attend your favourite cousin’s wedding. Hell! You’re even so busy that you can’t eat food that takes more than 5 minutes to cook, let alone go to the gym. Talk about living the dream, huh? We forget to love and pamper ourselves. Sit back and think for a minute. Is this how you imagined living your life? Make necessary changes. Say yes to important moments. Last minute trips, drunken week nights, taking days off just because. In the end, it’s the stories that count, not your stellar attendance record.

3. Enjoy Each Day

It's all about living in the present!
It’s all about living in the present!

Image Credit: Unsplash.com

I personally believe in the art of slow living. Reading my favourite books, cooking and eating elaborate dinners, guilt-free binge watching shows, long phone calls with mom sharing the gossip for each day, planning my trips for the year, going for long walks at midnight and every thing that gives me little happiness.

Try practicing this one thing to make a small yet consistent change in your life. I ask a question to myself each day – “What is making you happy today?” Don’t forget to put yourself first everyday.

Get in control of your own life. If you keep using busyness as an excuse, it simply means you’re not prioritizing your own self. Slow down, stop being busy, remember what’s important and live a consciously happy life.