Why Women Love To Have Company In The Restroom

Ladies And Their Restroom Friendship Zone – Decoding The Puzzle

Why Women Love To Have Company In The Restroom

At parties and social gatherings, I simply love that baffled look on the face of men, when we ladies decide to visit the loo together. Like many of the other interesting and bizarre things we women do to get our opposite sex awestruck, this characteristic female behavior of grouping to visit the restrooms is something that equally puzzles men out there!

Well, few men already seem to guess what we do in there together. While some say that we are inherently afraid of ghosts and zombies, so we need a companion to lend us some courage. Some say, we take great selfies within the bathroom. Some others say that we go in together to touch-up our make-up and maybe gossip a bit about fellow men and women, which is why we most of the times come-out of the loo smiling!

Girls do more than just touching up make-up together in the loo
Girls do more than just touching up make-up together in the loo

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Well done guys! You are not totally wrong about any of those wild guesses and yes, we do touch-up our make-up, take selfies and chat about other people at the party when we go to the restroom with a couple of friends. But there are more essential and significant things, for which we need each other in the restroom. So here let me help you with answers to some of those female bathroom behavior questions you have been trying hard and racking your brains and maybe reading female psychology blogs to discover about.

The female restroom is there to listen to all our secrets and sorrows

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Even if we might have just met a couple of hours ago at the party, we could confide in each other when we go to the restroom together. We seem to have that amazing amount of trust and compassion, so that we can share some grave secrets with each other. If you probably could attach a hidden camera to our dress or handbags, you would discover that either of us were chatting about an ex-boyfriend we saw at the same party and you would be amazed to see how compassionate the other woman is when we cry and let out our frustration or share about the feelings we still hold for that man. Yes, we are a powerful team in there! The other woman would share tissues, wipe our tears, console us, and even help us to wash off tear stains and touch up our smudged eyeliner.

A girl always finds company within the restroom

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That was a story of tear stains, but we have even more than that to do together in there. When the girl without a female friend feels lonely and out of place at the party or maybe even feels sick after an unusual amount of drinks, the restroom comes to her rescue and she is sure that she will find enough company in there. She will have company to lend her an extra pad, she will have company to share a solution if she has blood stain on her dress, she will have company to help her puke if she feels uneasy, she will also have company to help her look pretty when she comes out. Believe it or not, women in the loo can unite like a nation in a candle march irrespective of age, caste, color or class!

So, beware before you even think of misbehaving with your girl at the party or at the dinner, because she will have a completely armed force ready to attack you once she comes out of the toilet!

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