Why The Obsession With Minimalism?

Why are we decluttering important things for the urge to parade as minimalists?

Why The Obsession With Minimalism?
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Have you seen the posts by some of your friends imitating minimalism? Minimalism is the emphasis on decluttering things, removing excess objects. It is a way to simplify life. For instance, when you can use a mat to sleep, why do you need a four poster bed? When you can survive on rice and bread-butter, why do you need a four-course meal?

The concept seems heavily influenced by Japanese philosophy. There the people use the bare minimum required, and even arrange their homes accordingly. Their walls are not decorated with paintings, and collectibles and souvenirs don’t clutter their coffee tables.

And now, it seems to be a growing trend all over the world. Student and professionals alike find it easier and cheaper to stick to the theme of minimalism. But one wonders at the current obsession with it?

If you see a person posting a pic of the minimalistic room on Instagram, be assured that it will be cluttered by the end of a fortnight. If you want to earn some easy money, you can even challenge them for this. It might delay the cluttering, but eventually their room will become a microcosm of who they are.

This is because, we cannot stick to minimalism because our lives are cluttered. You cannot keep a minimalist wardrobe when you have to dress differently for work, hanging out with friends, partying, dating and even store some ethnic wear for special events. Same thing happens with footwear, accessories. Also, you cannot eat everything from the same bowl. You also need some wall hangings, posters, chimes and charms to customise your room.

Messy rooms are a solace to some people
Messy rooms are a solace to some people

Image Credit: Instagram

In fact, some people find solace in messy rooms. Cleans rooms freak them out.

Eventually, you realise that the room becomes a reflection of who you are. And minimalism slowly goes out of the window. And that is fine too. What is the point of minimalism if you cannot find a Vicks balm in your room when you have a splitting headache. Or when you cannot relax on a Sunday with your favourite cup of coffee.

So, let the masters grandstand with minimalism. Some mess makes life more beautiful.