Why It Is More Important Than Ever Before To Remember That We Can Live Together In Peace?

Today is the International Day of Living Together in Peace, and why its celebration is very important

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Kurdish women are fighting a battle for their homeland. ISIS has ravaged Syria and Turkey since a few years. Afghanistan is still held hostage to American forces and Taliban. Minorities still feel insecure in the world’s biggest democracy. A madman with a gun can still ruin and end lives of students in America. Many exploited tribes in Africa have never experienced what it means to be free.

In India itself, women and girls are not safe. Forget equality, they are being denied basic dignity. 3 minor girls have been raped in the last few weeks. After the noise for Asifa, things have gone back to “normal”. Majoritarian politics has created hostility, and the minority communities are taking more assertive stances to make a room for themselves. The isolated people in the forests of Naxal areas and North Eastern Hills are still fighting archaic battles for equality.

Around you, you can see that hostile messages on Facebook, racial and sexual biases on television and movie continue. Even though there is a rant for feminism, pseudo modern men continue to thrive in the undercurrents of inequality. At a prestigious film festival, women have to protest because their equally meritorious work is being neglected. You have to fight constant battles if you are a female, gay, or from a minority community, or even if you want to follow an unconventional course or profession.

So, to those who say that we have travelled a long way from the medieval times, I would like to ask “Can we please travel faster? Can they not make the pathetic distance covered feel like a favour? Can they please remove their veils of hypocrisy and see that they are not allowing us to live in peace?” There is indeed a long way to go before each one is allowed to choose their lifestyle and make choices, without being judged or prosecuted.

Inclusion has to move beyond books and speeches to real life
Inclusion has to move beyond books and speeches to real life

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International Day of Living Together In Peace, adopted by the United Nations, is important to remember that peace cannot be achieved by isolation or coercion. The world is interdependent, more so with advances of technology. Real peace will only be achieved when we learn to live together and accept each one for what they are.

Letting everyone feel included, despite their different choices of life, is the only way to harbour world peace.

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