Why Is It Nice To Be Nice?

On World Kindness Day, we see how helping others is helping oneself.

Why Is It Nice To Be Nice

It has never been easier to be empathetic. To be aware, understand, and experience what others go through has become so easy with digital life and social platforms. And yet modern life has made us more aloof and isolated from other beings. We easily ignore the problems that don’t affect us directly.

But the world revolves around the circle of goodness. We have to help each other for a more holistic and wholesome society. Charles Darwin spoke of the survival of the fittest, and by that logic altruism should have diminished with evolution. But the larger good of the society prevails. You survive if your group survives, and that’s how kindness has evolved among the human beings.

Celebrities and business leaders engage in greats acts of charity like Angelina Jolie and her work with the poor kids, Richard Gere’s support for the Tibetan cause, Salman Khan and his “being human” to the Melinda and Gates Foundation. But one does not have to be rich and successful to be kind.

The simple lady who feeds the stray dogs every day, or the student who shares his meal with the poor kid in class, to the young man who dedicates his weekends at the community centre are all acts of kindness. When you help a sick colleague at work, or whether you buy a blanket for the night guard in winter, or when you help the maid’s daughter for her exams, these are all acts of kindness. They may not hit the headlines, and you may not share them on Facebook for likes, but they are worth more than these public acts.

So, why is it nice to be nice?

It is an investment in the Karmic bank

A good deed always comes around. So, while you need to be kind without a vested interest at heart, good things happen to good people. A kind person is always appreciated for what they are, and others help them whenever they in turn need kindness. When the people joined the candle marches after the horrific case of Nirbhaya, there were showing solidarity for a cause that affects us all.

Leading by example

People are always inspired to learn when your act of kindness makes a difference. So many of us join our friend’s cause in cleaning a complex, planting trees and helping the old and infirm. Mother Theresa taught us by example. Her selfless care for the poor, the sick, and especially her work among the lepers, showed us that divinity lies in helping others.

It brings happiness

Helping others is actually helping one self. The pure joy you get when a deprived kid looks up cheerfully to you, or the blessings of a hungry mother, are simple joys in life. They instil confidence and pleasure in an otherwise self-involved life. When many volunteer for a natural calamity like the Chennai floods, it is an example of how helping others helps personal growth as well.

So, take today’s celebration as an opportunity. And become a part of the Kindness movement.

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