Why Indians Ask Google Assistant: “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?”

"OK GOOGLE" the most eligible spinster in India!

Why Indians Ask Google Assistant: “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?”
Image Credit: th3porhani.blogspot.com

The world might be divided on difference of opinion, choices and preferences, but at one common point all of us are the same, and that is the fact that we are all human, and we all have done some questionable things in life that are best left concealed from public knowledge (war flashbacks to all the email ids created in our teenage). And when the same people who could not be trusted with a basic internet facility like email are now each handed a virtual personal assistant on their phones, one can only imagine the amount of chaos that is sure to ensue.

And so it did. Personal assistants are provided by leading software companies to help one navigate through everyday life by getting the best out of technology in the return of putting minimum effort. But for us children of chaos, those personal assistants are firstly for amusement and secondly for everything else. The google assistant on every average smartphone is like that one best friend of every other person with whom they can share their wildest ideas and trust them not to tell anybody- the trust part is taken for granted here because after all Google Assistant is not a real person and hence it cannot betray you, right? Wrong.

On 28th January, 2019 at 5:38 pm, one tweet from Google India revealed that every damned weird thing you have ever said to your Google Assistant has in fact been overheard by the company itself (none of us really read what the tab is saying before pressing “allow”, do we?).

Using a recent meme format, Google India’s twitter handle asked why do people of this country keep asking the Google Assistant to marry them, and Indian twitter users did not disappoint in delivering hilarious comebacks. While some questioned their privacy policies, others were busy listing out how Google Assistant fits the criteria of a perfect life partner.

As if our mothers were not already anxious about the marriage prospect of their daughter in her late 20s, now they even have to worry about having to battle a virtual assistant for a suitable groom. It all feels eerily similar to Pride and Prejudice except Mr. Darcy is now a dehumanised software programme. Also, look at us Indians- trying to establish kinship no sooner than an Indian man took over the company of Google. What can you say, we are a race that likes to stick together.