Whatsapp Now Has A Solution For Drunk Texting And Embarrassing Typos

How to salvage from a message you did not want to send


Now there is a safer solution for the drunk text you sent to your ex. Or that message you sent on your family group that was meant for your bae. Or when you send a changing room selfie to your boss. The new superhero of texting is here, and it is the new unsend feature by WhatsApp.

As the WhatsApp FAQ page suggests, that a new note “this message was deleted” will appear in its stead and you can expunge a wrongly sent message from a chat. But beware, the golden opportunity lasts only seven minutes, till the fate seals on it.

Both the sender and receiver need to use the updated WhatsApp version to avail of this new feature. And the off side is you cannot check whether the message was read before you realised the goof up and deleted it.

But surely, there will be lesser face palm moments with this new feature. One wonders where the Ross and Rachel love story would be if Rachel could take down the drunk voice message she left Ross in Season 2 in Friends.

Apart from sending messages on the wrong chat window, we also face the embarrassment of typos. The autocorrect can be fatal too. Especially those grammernazi moments when WhatsApp turns ‘urs’ into ‘it’.

But what the autocorrect ruins can now be saved by Delete. So, update and correct what your faster than thou fingers type on WhatsApp.