What’s That Selfie Which Got All The Biggies Talking?

The spontaneous posing is all that matters!

What’s That Selfie Which Got All The Biggies Talking?
Image Credit: Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And very rightly so. Any medium of art is a medium of storytelling. Photographs too, like all art are narratives of a time, a moment frozen in time for it to be preserved as a memory. That is at least the function and purpose of good photography. Every day the internet is being stormed by one or the other picture. On good days it is a picture of something productive that is doing the rounds, on bad days it is a picture of an egg. Well we surely have had our share of photographs made popular by social media users but none of them compare to the sheer intensity and innocence of the latest picture doing the rounds on social media. And not just that, Bollywood celebs too has immediately taken a liking to this picture for it evokes a variety of emotions.

It is not rocket science. It is a simple picture of a group of children posing in front of a chappal as if it were a phone camera, taking a selfie and smiling ear to ear. The smile on their faces is so huge that it is brighter than the smile on the happiest man of this earth perhaps. Although the photographer is unknown but he has done a brilliant job in capturing this innocent yet profound moment. While richer kids these days are running after cell phones, these kids are more than happy with their chappal selfie, smiling in sheer glee as if the spotlight is shining right on them. Well, it definitely is.

They are a group of five kids, five semi grown heroes ready to take on the world with their humongous smile. While half of India’s population are changing their cell phones when their battery dies out, the other half are struggling to make ends meet. The gap is growing wider and wider but pictures and instances like these make us want to believe in a possibility of a better world, of a more harmonious social existence. We may never realise that dream but the kids in the picture surely have and that is the beauty of this photograph. The anonymous photographer deserves a round of applause and it’s not just us who feel this way. Many Bollywood celebs have taken it upon themselves to share the picture and take a moment to appreciate its beauty. There are also celebs like Big B who have their reservations regarding this photo saying that it is highly likely that it is photo shopped.

Well we would not really want to get into that debate at all, because even if it is photo shopped, the thought behind the picture is what counts. We’d still like to believe that it is a genuine picture that is narrating a heart wrenching story but even if it’s not, the smiles in the picture are nothing but authentic and that is worth everything.