What Does The Black Hole Look Like? It Cannot Get More Creative!

Be it a scientific discovery or a cyclone, a meme is a must!

What Does The Black Hole Look Like? It Cannot Get More Creative!
Image Credit: Twitter

The world could come to a standstill under innumerable circumstances, and one of those circumstances would be without the existence of memes. Come what may, the internet users would find some opportunity or the other to show case their talent in the form of memes and truth be told, some of the memes are funny enough to leave us in splits. Be it any news, any development, no matter how serious t is, there will be a few memes, which would throw light in a lot of things in a very casual manner.

10th April was that historical day when the first image of the black hole was released. The photograph was captured by two hundred scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope, which is a network of eight radio telescopes across the globe. It was actually the work of the 29-year-old Katie Bouman, whose impeccable work led to the unraveling of one of the greatest mysteries of the world. However, netizens lost no time in creating memes about one of the greatest discoveries. Here are some them, which will leave you rolling on the floor laughing:

We “Donut” Know What’s All The Laughter About

A great number of people expressed their views on it, thinking that the image resembled a donut, and suddenly, on close observation, we did find some similarities between a donut and that image of the black hole. There were comparisons with bagels and the south Indian vadas too. The funniest one was when one of the Twitter users posted the picture of the black hole in the year 2019 with a donut in 2029, saying that the spatial resolution was sure to get better.

The Netizens Were Happy To Find The Proof Of Sauron

Even though the image of the black hole won the scientists great accolades, there have been some ardent Tolkien’s fans who have said that the image resembles Sauron, the Dark Lord. The world might be under the watchful eyes of the Dark Lord, and spooky as that may sound, the imagination of the meme makers does deserve some credit for coming up with this.

Could It Be Marvel’s Galactus?

As if the hilarious speculations on the black hole image being that of Sauron’s were not enough, some the meme makers took it a step forward and claimed it to be the final proof of Galactus, who had the ability to gulp down and devour planets at his own free will. Planet Earth could be his next target. Spooked out, eh?

Jar Jar Binks Would Be The Last Nail On The Coffin

The references to the image of the black hole being Galactus’ or Sauron’s were scary but the reference to it being Jar Jar Binks from the planet of Naboo is the funniest. This comparison of the image with that of the Gungan is immensely funny and it shows the acumen of the meme-makers to a great extent.

There have been comparisons with Pokemon and various other things too and the memes have taken the internet by storm.