What Does The Way You Sit Say About You

Mind the way you sit


Have you ever thought that the way you sit can reveal a lot about you? We spend half of our lives sitting; in our homes, offices, at coffee shops, parks, movies etc. We all have different ways of sitting. Some of us like to sit with our ankles crossed, some like to cross their legs, some sit with their feet straight on the ground. The position in which you sit might just give away a lot about you.

Feet Straight On The Ground

This position normally means you are trying to be in your best behaviour. This means you are submissive. You are the kinds who will easily obey and not often comfortable sharing their feelings in public.

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Knees Together And Feet Apart

These kind of personalities are very charming but at the same time a little immature. They make great company but they are the ones who regret what they have said after they have said it.

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Leg Over Leg

This is a sign of a confident person. It means that you are bold and sure of yourself but at the same time not over confident.

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Feet Together And Legs Apart

People who sit in this position are normally very disorganised and also very fussy. People often think of them as being arrogant.

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Legs Together Angled At Any One Side ( The Duchess Slant)

Though it is thought of as a formal way of sitting when you are in a meeting or conference etc. There are people who are comfortable sitting in this position even otherwise. These kind of people are normally very stubborn and have the never give up attitude.

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