Trump Is Left Out Of Their Games

When Bush, Clinton and Obama did not invite Trump to play.


The President’s Cup has been held for over 20 years. The world’s best players have come together to compete for team, country and the honour of raising the Presidents Cup trophy.

On 28th September, former President Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton got together to watch the golf game and relax. They sat together in New Jersey, and enjoyed the game in true spirit, taking selfies and participating with the audience in full gusto.

Like in all kitty parties, instead of cold shoulders, opponents are avoided. Hence, missing from the scene was Trump. He is expected to visit the game on Sunday.

Despite his falsifying facts, and negating truth, it would be too much hypocrisy even for Trump to show up when he has barraged against Obama for watching the game before.

Also, this is not the first time the trio have gotten together without Donald Trump. They kept him out even for collecting funds after Hurricane Harvey.

While Obama’s love for golf is well known, this year’s President’s Cup may be a more political statement than always.