Tired Of Waiting For Your Right Guy? This Italian Woman Has Got An Excellent Idea For You!

All The Single Ladies, Now Put Your Hands Up!

Tired Of Waiting For Your Right Guy? This Italian Woman An Excellent Idea For You!
Image Credit: Instagram (Laura Mesi)

For ages, we have been fed with the idea that we are not complete unless that “special someone”, our soulmate, shows up in our life to make it a happily ever after. Be it novels, movies or songs, popular media puts excessive emphasis on this trope- even if the story does not mainly focus on love, there would inevitably be an amorous subplot. Hell, they will even romanticize criminals like Bonnie and Clyde just to keep this mentality going- “sure they killed and robbed a lot of people but look at their love life! Power couple! Soulmates!”

But the truth of the matter is, not everybody lives a Cinderella story like life. Some of us just sit in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream and gush over Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky at night and then in the morning go back to our normal lives. And what happens when several dates and heartbreaks later someone still does not find their “soulmate”? Well, the novels and movies would say they die as a lonely pathetic cat lady, or become that alcoholic rich aunt that everybody secretly envies. But the stories are changing and we have to thank people like Laura Mesi for that.

Laura, the 40-year-old Italian woman had made a pact with herself that if she does not find her soulmate by her 40th birthday, she will marry herself. And this boss lady did exactly that when she turned 40. She paid for everything, including her gown, ring, and the tiered cake, to make sure the wedding was a proper one. According to Laura, she believes that one must love themselves before loving someone else. And according to reports, this population of single but not ready to mingle individuals is not limited to a few like Laura. More and more people are realizing that the unnecessary hassle of actively hunting for a soulmate is useless- you either end up on an app where more than dates you get bombarded with weird pictures of stranger’s genitals or sleeping with someone who is actually a sociopath. It is a hundred times better to appreciate the person that you are truly going to spend your entire life with, and that is yourself.

This trend of marrying oneself, or as it is being referred to as, “Sologamy” is predicted to be the death of the unsolicited queries and inquiries about your love life by next door aunties at your cousin’s wedding.

So, if you are plagued by the pestering questions of relatives or the threat of arrange marriage, Sologamy is definitely your jam.