This is what India did when internet was free and cheap


Give them internet they said, it will make people powerful they said. With the likes of Reliance Jio offering GBs of free data and others slashing prices of 3G and 4G to real low, here’s what India did online in second half of last year.

A 75% increase in viewing adult content aka porn! As reported by video viewership tracker Vidooly. Porn viewing has surged to new heights, thanks to cheap mobile phones and nearly free data connections.

India preferred to stream it than download videos (includes porn) and 80% of content was in short video form. We love it when its quick?

Non-metro and smaller towns (tier II-III towns) contributed nearly 60% of viewership. That’s a good digital inclusion, no?

After adult content, mostly youth aged 18 to 34 years consumed a lot of music, entertainment, news (in regional languages), and comedy shows.

A entertained India is a happy India.