Things that Left Handers Rock and Suck at

Is the left side of our brain wired to be more creative?


It is said that the when we move our right hand, it is the left side of the brain that sends instructions. Interesting isn’t it? The left side of our brain is wired to be more creative, while the right side is more logical!  Well we don’t know how far that is true but what we do know is that 5 of the last American Presidents; Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush,Ronald Regan, and Gerald Ford were all lefties! Here are some advantages and disadvantages of being a leftie:

Lefties Rock :

(Image Sources: wikipedia)

  1. Sports like fencing and boxing, that’s because reason behind it is that they take their right handed opponents by surprise!
  2. At thinking quickly. So the next time in an emergency and need to act quick call your leftie friend
  3. Highly creative and they are often celebrated for the same.
  4. Always the unique one in a group of right handed friends, unless you’re in a party for the left handed!

Lefites Suck:

  1. Desks in colleges are designed for right handed people, schools and colleges mostly fail to realise that lefties have a right to education too!
  2. Using scissors is like fighting a battle.Most of the scissors available are designed for right handed people, who form a majority. Though there are especially designed scissors for lefties too but it’s not easily available everywhere.
  3. Coffee mugs and cups are another struggle that most lefties. Lefties love their coffee too!
  4. Credit card machines all have the swipe slot on the right hand side. Don’t lefties need to shop?

On the occasion of the International Left Hander’s Day , celebrated every year on 12th August, here’s wishing all the lefties a Happy International Left Hander’s Day. Celebrate your uniqueness.