Things You Didn’t Know About GOT Star Sophie Turner

She didn’t know much about sex before she worked on GOT

Things You Didn’t Know About GOT Star Sophie Turner

As Game of throne’s Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner gets engaged with singer Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, here are a few fun facts about Sophie that you probably didn’t know about.

1. If you thought that GOT was an acting debut for Sophie Turner, then you are mistaken. Sophie had started acting much before her appearance on the Game of Thrones. She was part of the Playbox theatre company in England since she was only three years old. Sophie was offered the role of Sansa Stark when she was 13 after auditioning for a show on the recommendation of her drama teacher.

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2. Sophie had a twin sister who sadly passed away at birth. We are sure the two would have rocked on the GOT if they were together.

3. When one of the dogs on the Game Of Thrones show had to leave because its role ended after the two episodes, it saddened Sophie to see the dog go. She then decided to adopt the dog and named it Zuni.
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4. Sophie was actually born a blond as opposed to her copper hair look in the Game of Thrones.
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5. Sophie’s best friend among her co-actors in GOT is Arya Stark aka Maisie Williams. The two are said to enjoy each other’s company.

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6. Surprisingly Sophie is allergic to horses. However, she has to be around horses on the shoot of Game Of Thrones, so she keeps an inhaler handy on set in case she has an allergic reaction.

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7. Sophie got her sex education on the sets of GOT. In one of her interviews, she has admitted that she had never heard about oral sex before reading her first Game of Thrones script.

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Sophie and Joe have been a couple since 2016 and have finally decided to get hooked. Do we hear the male species of Sophie fans Go oh! No!?