These #KikiChallenge Videos Will Make You Go ROFL

Funniest KiKi Challenge Hits And Misses From India

These #KikiChallenge Videos Will Make You Go ROFL
Image Credit: instagram

The KiKi Challenge is the hot topic of social media now! No matter where we are at, Facebook or Instagram, the KiKi Challenge is the next new obsession of the youth worldwide. The last time you opened the explorer page on Instagram, did you not see the women and men walking swiftly and sometimes well, (not so swiftly) outside the car doors while matching their feet to music? As dangerous as that may sound, this challenge has become quite popular among the young and people all over social media are finding it amusing to take it up and create videos out of the same! There are some very creative ideas popping up as well! Some are showing the wonderful Indian street hindrances while the others are encountering massive and hilarious falls while trying to master this challenge!

Here are some funny moments rather videos of the KiKi Challenge, from our fellow Indians, which might be perceived as fails but are nevertheless pretty entertaining:

Well, while mostly the youth are attracted to this challenge, there are some who may not be young physically but are definitely young at their heart. The Vadodara aunty who not only screamed at the honking of cars from behind but tried to ace the challenge with her unique dance steps is something to look out for if you haven’t seen it already!

The Village Show Vlogs are a step more where two young lads do the KiKi Challenge along with a twist. Rather than a car door opening, the video is about the real Indian village scenario with bullock carts. Though one of the men push the other out of the video and emerge as the star, this video is utterly hilarious and takes your breath away with the creativity. Well, a bullock cart in motion is a moving vehicle in India indeed! So, it qualifies totally!

The third video on our list is not unique. You know why? Indian roads and their accurate representation is so vehemently made in this video that it is exorbitantly funny! Once being honked, the other time being asked the address and the next another interruption, it was almost like the video turned in and out to be viral because the KiKi challenge was such a FAIL, yet so relevant to India!

This man tries the challenge in some Metropolitan cities of India! Would you be able to do one in Mumbai, where it rains most of the year round? Or in Punjab where people are generally conceived in the party mood? But this man tries out and how! The fun element is overt and the laughter cannot be constrained.

Popular faces such on the television and media are also intrigued to take up this KiKi Challenge. Although Shraddha Arya is really enjoying herself here and has executed the challenge really well, this not only is resulting in Influencing their fans and followers all over but are indirectly navigating the probability of being viral if one does this challenge despite the risks!

Mumbai Police recently in a hilarious post over Twitter, asked all passengers to get in the car! As amusing as it may be for social media, the deteriorating conditions of traffic and the chances of accidents are increasing due to this KiKi Challenge going immensely viral all over the country. Especially in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the challenge is causing people on the road to risk their lives for some social media update! Hence the administration of Mumbai has taken to social media itself to appeal to the people and request them to stop this overdone challenge now!