The Woe Of Being A Non-Foodie In The Midst Of Diwali Food Fiesta

What do you do when everyone is obsessed with food during Diwali?

The Woe Of Being A Non-Foodie In The Midst Of Diwali Food Fiesta
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As much as Diwali is about light and lamps, it is also about sweetmeats and other food. All kitchens will turn into a magical dungeon, where humans will be standing over huge cauldrons, almost like the ones in Snape’s classroom, and steering their pots with graceful gusto. There will be minions to help like the Oompa Loompas in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, and churning out dishes like a machine. The aromatic fragrances wafting out of these kitchens have more power than sirens on an island, waiting to devour Sindbad, the Sailor.

Kaju katli, badaam halwa, monthal, the nevri or gujia, rasgullas, puran poli, anjeer barfi, adhirasam, mysore pak, and many variants of laddus, all these sweets are a staple in Indians homes during Diwali. Depending on where you are for the celebration, some or other of these delicacies and their variants will be passed around you, throughout the day. The speed and gusto will be faster than during a game of ball. But you will be surrounded by people making, eating or gifting food for the next few days.

Foodies enjoy the splurge of sweetmeats during Diwali
Foodies enjoy the splurge of sweetmeats during Diwali

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And this is a great time for foodies. But if you are someone who eats only to sustain the body, and are not as obsessed by what comes on your plate, then it can be an excruciating time as everyone discusses food, like a film critic at Cannes.

Then what do you do when you are a non-foodie, amidst those obsessed with food during Diwali?

You can alienate yourself, and remain away from the joyous celebration. But if you are someone who likes everything else that goes with Diwali, then the best thing to do is to ignore those jibes from those who notice your disdain towards food. Distract them with the glittering film of silver on motichoor ladoo. Like a child distracted with winged creatures, they will easily leave you alone, as they pick up another greasy bite.

You can also play the enthusiast, by picking up something, and nibbling at leisure. You don’t even have to finish it. After you have crossed the hurdles in a room with a sweet in hand, you can feed it as a sweet gesture to the aunty sitting in a corner. No harm was done, some brownie points for cuteness in the pocket.

After all, Diwali is a time when you meet and greet people with goodwill and festive spirits. Even if they love food more than you, it still should not diminish your celebration. Even if you don’t love the food, pass the plate through the circle of happy times.