The 3 Alpha Male Traits To Take On To Live An Extraordinary Life


In these times, there is a trend toward redefining what it means to be an Alpha male. For a long time, it meant something akin to toxic masculinity. Alpha males became seen as pushy bullies that imposed their will on others and were living in a hyper-individualistic way.

Of course, there is a middle ground and a lot of things that can be learned from the habits of Alpha males. From having higher self-esteem to having the determination to craft life the way you want, there are some big advantages to being Alpha-AF.

In this article, we will go over some of the traits that Alpha males have that you can incorporate into your own life to be able to improve it.

1 – Be more assertive

 The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s an old saying that means a lot when it comes to making sure that you are taken care of.

What it says is that if you are assertive then you will be more likely to get the things that you need. Passive people often get disappointed that their needs are not heard or considered and are often passed over. An Alpha male is assertive and always makes sure that they get what they want.

You don’t have to be pushy to be assertive. There are different levels, of course. Yet, when it feels like you have to stand up for yourself so your needs are met, then you do have to take a stand. Make a little bit of noise as the squeaky wheel does and you’ll find yourself getting taken care of better.

This doesn’t mean that you should go out looking for confrontations and use every opportunity to battle it out. It’s simply about setting boundaries for yourself and taking measures to enforce them. Passive people know what they need and wait for the fairness of life to come around to make sure they get what they need. Alpha males know that life isn’t fair so they don’t wait on the mercy of others to take charge.

2 – Be a gentleman but not a pushover

 Nice guys finish last is another common term. There’s nothing wrong with being nice. In fact, it is a very good thing. There is a fine line between being nice and being a pushover, however.

What is a gentleman? He is one who is thoughtful about others and lets them have their time in the spotlight. He knows when to talk and when to let others do the talking. At the same time, he makes sure his voice is heard. He is polite and respectful as well as giving of his time.

What is a pushover? This is somebody who never speaks up because they let others do all the talking. They don’t end up having a voice because they don’t make sure they are heard. And, they end up doing so much for others and have nothing ever done for them because they don’t command much respect.

You can be a perfect gentleman and still be an Alpha male. Or, at least you can take on this particular trait and not end up being a pushover.

3 – Trust yourself

 All too often, people mistake self confidence and trusting your decisions with arrogance. There is nothing wrong with being self assured. In fact, this is a very good thing because others simply look to others for validation.

Getting things done often requires some intestinal fortitude and believing that you are making wise decisions. Mistakes will be made. This is only natural. Learning from the mistakes is what gives a person the ability to trust in themselves. They simply take their years of experience and draw on it to make good decisions.

The opposite of that is doubting everything that you do because you don’t trust your own decision making. These people look to others to make the tough decisions because they are afraid to fail. They don’t trust that they will do the right thing.

That type of thinking holds that person back all throughout life. Alpha males never seem to doubt themselves. In some cases, it isn’t a good thing but this is when being an Alpha male drifts toward toxic masculinity.


 As you can see, being an Alpha male can be both a good and a bad thing depending on the approach. Taking on these traits that Alpha males exhibit while discarding some of the negative aspects helps to transform your life and puts you in control.