Terror Vs Tunes: What’s This Kashmiri Dichotomy?

Let there be peace through the strums of brotherhood!

Terror Vs Tunes: What's This Kashmiri Dichotomy?

It is no exaggeration to say art overcomes all borders. Time and again different works of creation have gone ahead to prove it true. And in this age of globalization, it has become especially easier to connect to different creative content produced all over the world and appreciate them. One of them is the tv series Game of Thrones, which has been arguably the most globally acclaimed show on air for a few years now. Its fanbase is spread across the globe and keeps growing with each season.

With the airing of the final season in April approaching soon, the makers of the fantasy show decided to acknowledge the real-life love they have received from fans worldwide and release an official fan anthem video. The video features all kinds of fan tributes from GOT inspired weddings to recreations of the theme song of the show and the only Indians who made it to the cut in that video are a group of Kashmiri musicians.

Yes, the very mention of Kashmir brings over a melancholy vibe, especially today, as the entire nation is grieving the sad demise of the CRPF personnel following the terror attack in Pulwama in Kashmir. However, on another positive note, coming from the same part of the country, Sufiyan Malik, Hujat Kirmani & Zakir Bakshi created a beautiful video named “The Cure-Game of Thrones Kashmiri Tribute” rendering the theme song of the show on traditional Kashmiri instruments like rabab (Malik) and n’ot (Bakshi) along with piano(Kirmani) and guitar (Bakshi) . Even though their screen time is short, the impact of their performance is a lasting one. The video has brought in fresh and broader attention to the tribute by the Kashmiri youngsters from the people on the internet.

More than its scenic beauty, for quite a few years now, the image that the name Kashmir evokes in any Indian’s mind is volatile political tension and a vicious cycle of military violence. Both soldiers and civilians alike live a life deprived of peace and security there. And with the recent terror strike, it’s like an old wound getting as painful as new. It has been long since the so-called Paradise on Earth has seen lasting peace and any hope of resolution. Stuck in a confusing and evidently strategic political powerplay, Kashmir and its sufferings pinpoint how when the game of thrones comes to life in the real world, it hardly has the appeal of the fantasy anymore.

We only hope Kashmir gets back to being a Paradise someday!
We only hope Kashmir gets back to being a Paradise someday!

Image Credit: indiandefencereview.com

On the same day Kashmir made it to the headlines twice- once because of its youngsters winning hearts through their music, and then again, because it witnessed the deadliest terror attack on security forces that India-controlled Kashmir has seen in the last three decades. On one hand there is mourning and anxiety, on the other a force of healing. The sound of pellets and pianos echo equally as loud in the valleys while Kashmir holds on to its hope to be truly free and alive. Someday, we really hope, it will only be music and brotherhood and love and not martyrs making up the headlines!