Techniques To Help You Read More Books This Year!

Remember, Books are great for a healthy and wise mind.

Techniques To Help You Read More Books This Year!
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Nobody will ever deny the importance of reading books in our lives. Books give you an insight to things that help you in living a better life. Books are extremely healthy for your brain because one- it is fun and two- it reduces stress. Reading books help you improve professionally and even personally. Reading helps you in constant development of you and your brain. I can go on like this. But you get it, right? Reading is just too important. But apparently, it is not so easy for all of us. So here’s an article for those who find reading difficult.

Prioritize And Have A Dedicated Reading Time In Your Schedule

Reading on your train ride is the best way to pass your time
Reading on your train ride is the best way to pass your time

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You might have heard of this tip before but it’s always important to remind. The reminder that in your head you must prioritize reading books over spending time on your phone or on watching TV shows. If you cannot do that, we can never proceed. Set a reading time in your daily schedule and adhere to it until it becomes part of your natural routine. Once reading becomes a habit, you will not need any of these tips.

Carry Your Book! (Everywhere)

Look at her carrying 'This Side of Paradise' by F. Scott Fitzgerald like a pro
Look at her carrying ‘This Side of Paradise’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald like a pro

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You can easily carry your book everywhere you go. Throughout the day, you will get endless opportunities to take out your book and read it for a bit. Waiting for someone for a meeting? Read it. Having your evening tea? Read. Feel like taking a break? Read. I am not asking you to let reading take up all your free time, but at least few of these.

The First Hour Reading

Simi (Tabu) reads Sujatha Rangarajan's ‘Anita: A Trophy Wife’ in the movie Andhadhun (2018)
Simi (Tabu) reads Sujatha Rangarajan’s ‘Anita: A Trophy Wife’ in the movie Andhadhun (2018)

Image Credit: Movie – Andhadhun

Most of us waste our first hour of the day lazing around while staring at our phone screens. Let’s not do that, okay? Keep your first hour of the day booked for reading (Pun very much intended). Many of the successful persons across the world are known have inculcated this habit into their lifestyle. It is perfect, actually. Because first of all that is the hour when your brain is at its freshest. And second of all, you don’t have to worry about reading rest of the day. And if you think of it, you were wasting that hour anyway. It’s a total win-win situation.

Read With A Friend

Reading is indeed magical
Reading is indeed magical

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Sometimes, reading can get monotonous and boring. So how do we break that? Read together! Find a friend who would like to read with you. It is always more fun when you don’t have to do it alone. You can start reading a book together and discuss it after every chapter. This way, you will not lose track of each other. You can also plan reading sessions where one of you can read aloud, or you can just sit together and read your own books.