The Story Behind TGIF

Why do we thank the almighty only for one day of the week?


All professionals will totally relate to the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday”. No wonder it’s a recurring trend on twitter and other social media platforms. What have the other days done to deserve the exclusion and disdain?

Why do not we thank God for the day of Sabbath or for starting a new week? May be because we have to work the routine. Weekends are fun, but they betray us by getting over in a blink. Before you know it, Saturdays and Sundays end.

The origins of the phrase “TGIF” have been disputed over the years. But, the earliest reference in print dates to a 1941 entry in the Encyclopedia of Slang. A 1978 movie on disco culture was called, “Thank God It’s Friday.” In 1996, R. Kelly released a song, “Thank God It’s Friday.”

After this, the phrase has become a commoner amidst the pop culture. You know you are out of sync if you have to google what the acronym means. How often you’re your colleagues changed wardrobe in office washrooms to head straight for the Friday night party? Or excused themselves from weekend assignments feigning a fever on Friday afternoons? Guys check their tires and fuel tanks, and their wallets, while girls plan the weekend wardrobe from Thursday itself or even earlier.

But this raises another question of why the overwhelming love for only one particular day?

People hate the Mondays. They have to trudge to work with a hangover or weekend fatigue. Life seems boring, and work seems a burden. This can be avoided if you plan better Sundays for a perfect week’s start.

Tuesday to Thursday are a mundane monstrosity. They blunt the happiness out of life, and sap your soul of its spirit. Most professionals complain of being disillusioned with life, and feeling drained. That is the reason they thank God for Friday. It is a day of hope, it is the harbinger of the good times to come.

On Fridays, you break the shackles of routine. Some head out of the city for weekend. Some drink to their heart’s core. Some head for the nearest cinema for the newest release. Some buy provisions for weekend, and spend next two days as a recluse within doors. You try to go back to your original self.

Fridays save you from the fatal routine, and hence “TGIF”.