The Story Behind Rahul Gandhi’s Aloo Into Gold Machine

A new wonder machine to alleviate poverty in India.

The Story Behind Rahul Gandhi's Aloo Into Gold Machine

We already know that the internet loves the potato. But now Indians have another reason to love it. The politicians have hit a new plan to turn aloo in to the most citizen friendly vegetable. Recently, Rahul Gandhi was made the pivot of new jokes when his speech in Patan, Gujarat went viral.

He spoke of a machine that could transform aloo into gold. That’s a new take on the Midas touch. While he is the favourite among the meme makers and they just wait for a new joke every season, this time they may have got it wrong. Like Kunal Kamra says in his standup comedy act, you don’t need to look for comic content in our country. Our politicians don’t need to be roasted. They roast themselves with their own words. And this time the potato roasted Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was only referring to Modi when he made the speech. But he has a tendency to tickle the funny bones unwittingly.

Rahul Gandhi Funny Speech

While our political leaders are known to make shallow promises before elections, this time they may have gone overboard and challenged alchemy. In this comedy, the poor are the tragic victims as they wait to for some real solutions to their very real poverty.

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