Still Single? Rent A Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

Shakul Gupta has the full package for a memorable V Day

Still Single? Rent A Boyfriend This Valentine’s Day

They say money cannot buy happiness. But they may be wrong. Money can buy happiness this Valentine’s Day. And Shakul Gupta is selling it.

Last year, the 27-year-old Gurugram resident started an enterprise to sell a perfect date, and got more than 2000 applicants. He took the best 5 out on an expensive date. He offered a drive in an Audi, a dinner date at Gurugram’s Oberoi hotel, a brand-new iPhone 7 of the person’s choice and “memorable moments”.

This year he is back with different packages. With a Facebook post that details the “packages” he’s willing to offer, Shakul has also mentioned his vital statistics, the fact that he’s a loveable Sagittarius, and that he can cook and is down to ‘Netflix and chill,’ – although the ‘chill’ part depends on the package you pick.

And what’s more, if you used the promo code ‘RICHGUY” you can get a 20 per cent discount, and a ride in the Audi.

Shakul has listed out a host of personas that he can pull off for “prospective girlfriends” and also promised to double up as a “makeup practice model”. But if you prefer to just laze around, he could make you “any kind of food” and watch Netflix too.

One wonders what has happened to the traditional idea of love? Why so much emphasis on one single dedicated day to celebrate love? Why can’t couples live everyday like Valentine’s day?

This also reminds one of the commercialisation of love and the objectification of emotions. You have to symbolise your love with a red rose. You cannot pick up a simple garden periwinkle because you need to show effort.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) has valued the Valentine’s Day (V-Day) market in India at Rs.15 billion based on a survey involving 800 executives in major metros and 1,000 students from 150 educational institutions.

It starts with Rose Day (Feb 7), followed by Proposal Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and Valentine’s Day (Feb 14). One wonders whether it is a gimmick by the traders to off load rehashed festive wears that were not sold during the Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

And why does one have to objectify emotions with flowers and teddies and chocolates. Why are words not worthy enough to qualify one’s love? Gone are the days when Mr. Darcy’s long letter to Lizzie would prove to her his love. Now a partner needs the whole package like the one offered by Shakul Gupta.

Love is quantified and measured by the money you expend on V Day. So much for the quest for unconditional love by the modern romantics.

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