Stangen – Taking India’s Love For Beer To A Whole New Level

The perfect price, packaging and taste to chill out to

Stangen - Taking India's Love For Beer To A Whole New Level
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What’s your idea of a perfect weekend to chill and relax? Well, whatever it might be, some chilled beer will always be a part of it isn’t it? The youth today have drinking preferences and habits that are quite distinguished from that of the previous generation. Having said that, let’s not forget that they are as open to experimenting as well. One of the beverages that never go out of the favourites list of a millennial weekend or vacation plan is beer – the beverage that doesn’t discriminate based on drinking capacity, time of the day, or occasion.

On that note, we’ll tell you why you should get excited, because recently a really tasty and smooth German beer Stangen has been launched and it is revolutionizing the way you think of beer by its health-oriented approach.

Hops and Barrels Pvt Ltd after a lot of search finally collaborated with Oettinger International to launch Stangen
Hops and Barrels Pvt Ltd after a lot of search finally collaborated with Oettinger International to launch Stangen

Bangalore based company Hops and Barrels Pvt Ltd, on its very first venture into this industry, is aiming to create a stir in the market by introducing Stangen in the country, in collaboration with Oettinger International, one of the most famous German breweries. Stangen is brewed in Germany and is one of the finest craft beers and is available for now in three variants across the globe- Stangen Schwarz Bier, Stangen Weiss Bier, and Stangen Lager Bier.

“Stangen is one such brand where we combine nature, wildlife and organic food aspects to make it a healthy, natural product”, says Mr. Jan Peter Stolken, MD of Oettinger International. “Our aim was to make it different from the old traditional beer brands from Germany. The young generation has had enough of the German beer brands that speak about the long history and the tradition and same the old-fashioned logo and design.”

Stangen has a very interesting logo, a unique packaging, practical pricing and of course a very smooth taste, which appeals to the young Indian beer lovers.

“I am myself a hunter and the stag with its gorgeous crown of horns is the king of the forest and that’s why we have chosen it for our logo design, which is not like our traditional logos. The word Stangen describes the endless, it is easy to pronounce and sounds German. So the design along with the name is a new approach unlike the traditional labels and designs of typical German beer brands.” Mr Stolken says.

To make your beer stand out and compete with the existing players in the market, you have to keep three most important things in mind, as pointed out by Abhijit Muralidhar, Managing Director, Hops and Barrels Pvt. Ltd. “We need to be good at the brew, the packaging as well as the price.”

The taste of Stangen is the perfect combination of smooth and pungent to make it a hit
The taste of Stangen is the perfect combination of smooth and pungent to make it a hit

For the brew the German’s are the best, as they adhere to the oldest German Purity Law and thus are not allowed to mix any stabilizers or other artificial ingredients to it. The packaging of Stangen is second to none and the price is very reasonable too, being priced at Rs. 250 for 500 ml.

The cans available right now are easy to store as well as good for transport. To be launched soon are the Stangen beer bottles, which have an exquisite design too, as Abhijit confirmed.

“Stangen is very good on the pungent side, which suits the Indian palate very well. Food bloggers are already loving it for its smoothness and have said that this is how micro a brewery  can get in packaged format.” Abhijit added.

With the changing face of drinking culture throughout the world, Stangen perfectly adheres to the demands of the young beer lovers today. As Adarsh Sarath, Director and Co-founder of Hops and Barrels Pvt. Ltd. points out, “Two things revolutionised the drinking culture, especially in Bangalore. One is craft beer in packaged format and the other is micro-breweries. People either want to go for a packaged wheat beer or they want to visit a micro-brewery.”

And Stangen with its perfect packaging, price and taste completely nails it.

“We today have customers at some retail outlets who just come in and take the entire case of beer and go. And not just once, they are doing it subsequently.” Adarsh added.

Such is the popularity of Stangen within such a short span of time. Moreover, this is one such beer that goes very well with food too!

With its introduction in the Indian beer market, Stangen in set to mark its presence with astute success owing to its unique approach and the founders’ one-sighted dedication to brewing only the best quality beer keeping the needs of the customers in mind.