Social Networking In Real Life

has social media overtaken real friendships?


When was the last time you went out for an evening with your friends, and did not take a selfie, or checked in on Facebook? When was the last time you dipped your feet in a brook without putting it up on Instagram? When was the last time you struck up a real enlightening conversation at work without checking LinkedIn?

Social media offers a great platform for networking, awareness and expression. And yet, it has somehow replaced human relationships with friend requests, followers and retweets.

The joy of making a new friend on a trip, without checking for mutual friends, is unmatched. You are reading a book in the train or at the airport, and someone comes up to you to say that this is their favourite book too. That is how real friendships are made.

When you travel a distance to wish a friend on her birthday, with a jam sandwhich or cracker, without posting a cake emoji on her wall, that’s how celebrations should be. Proposing to your girl on a perfect date is more important than updating your status.

Whatever you may believe, but the smile when father plays the fool on a family picnic is always more beautiful than the pouts for Snapchat or Insta. While you eat your favourite dish cooked by mother after a long hectic day, the food nourished your mind and body. Even if you don’t take picture or check in.

Your boss may not connect with you on LinkedIn, but his modest praise for a job well done is worth more. Teaching an underprivileged child or joining a protest rally is more fruitful that Twitter posts.

This does not negate the importance of social media tools. Many of us have reconnected with school friends, teachers, old neighbours and long-lost cousins on Facebook. So many of us have planned wonderful trips after being inspired by Insta feeds. And many of us will be working in our dream jobs due to LinkedIn connections.

But, these opportunities in digital life turn into happiness when we look beyond our cell phone, and connect with people in real life.