Social Media Can Help, Only If You Want It To

Is the reason why we started using social media lost?


“It’s a small world”, they say and social media platforms make it even smaller for us. I have been a part of numerous debates on how social media is a boon but only for those who know how to use it and I did convince that select group. Yet over the years as we came closer to each other and the platforms evolved themselves, somewhere the reason why we started using them is lost.

Some of the points mentioned below would make you ponder a bit about this issue

Read Real

While it is easy to read on your phone, the charm of holding a book/newspaper/magazine in your hand, looking out of your window, while sipping a cup of tea will make you enjoy it more than ever. This will also help you to read one thing at a time rather than getting lost in the world of hyperlinks.

Fact check

One of the biggest advantages of these platforms is that we get to reach out to many with a click of a button and with that influence their opinion. Hence it is upon our shoulders to be good Samaritans and ensure what we share is reliable. So even though a message on whatsapp came from a veritable source, one should always check for its credibility.

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More eyes, less camera lens

In The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Sean Penn’s character, the maverick LIFE magazine photographer, finally spots the elusive snow leopard and yet doesn’t capture that priceless moment, much to Walter Mitty’s bewilderment. Instead he says, “Sometimes I don’t, If I like a moment, I mean me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of a camera, just wanna stay, in it”. That very statement lays the essence of how experiences should be captured. Although, one feels gratified with those likes on Instagram, yet capturing a moment with your eyes and describing it later to a friend as they try to imagine the same, is even more worthwhile.

Spend time wisely

In earlier days what was pen pals has now become a friend/follower on social media. But when you meet that friend, would you still converse via written means is the question. If the answer is no, then make sure you maintain that status quo.

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Make time for friends

Birthdays, anniversaries or as Facebook calls them friendversaries, shouldn’t be the only reason one should talk to a friend. Even if you are in a different city, state or country when they post those ‘feeling sick’ Facebook ‘feelings’ or when you read between the lines about their sadness, pick up the phone and talk. You can’t change things but it’s always good to get that phone call or atlesst a ping on messenger.

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