Scribbling With A Pen Vs A Pencil, How I Feel When People Do This?

Do you recall the joy of sharpening pencils?

Scribbling With A Pen Vs A Pencil, How I Feel When People Do This?

Scribbling is an activity which every one of us has done at some point in time or the other. I have done it too while in school and college. Well, to be honest, I have done it in meeting rooms in offices too! I know very few people who could sit idle with a pen and paper without doing anything else. Scribbling is so addictive that the paper almost draws the pen to it like a magnet. Some people I know are really a pro when it comes to scribbling. Within minutes they actually turn blank pages into beautiful doodles. While some people use pens to scribble, pencils are what others choose. I prefer scribbling with pencils. It was in standard 4 when we were asked to switch to pens from pencils. The joy of switching to pens were short-lived though, as I realised my love for pencils in a few years. While exams and office work cannot be done without pens, till date I use pencils for taking notes or jotting things down. Here’s why I like writing or scribbling with pencils:

Pencils Give A Pleasant Feeling Of Lead Smoothly Gliding Over Paper

Of course, there are sophisticated pens, yet the feeling of gliding the lead over paper is unparalleled. It gives me a strange amount of joy to be scribbling with pencils than pens. I feel people who prefer using pencils to pen are the ones who find happiness in small things in life.

Pencils Are More Artistic Than Pens

Beautiful pencil scribblings
Beautiful pencil scribblings

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I have seen some brilliant doodling and scribbling with pens, but there’s no denying the fact that pencils are more artistic than pens. Choosing a pencil over pen to scribble will definitely give it a touch of a potential master-piece. One single pencil will allow you to let your artistic skills to flow with varied shades of light or dark. Pens, on the other hand are mostly just in one boring shade.

Inexplicable Satisfaction Of Sharpening A Pencil

People who love using pencils would perhaps understand what I am talking about. There is a certain satisfaction that one achieves while sharpening a pencil, that pen users miss out on. Sharpening a pencil to get that crisp stroke while scribbling is the ultimate satisfaction for the moment.

Possibilities Of Smudge Effect Of Pencil Strokes

Different effects using a single pencil
Different effects using a single pencil

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The artistic smudge effect is something that one can never achieve with pens. Rather, if you accidentally smudge a pen stroke, it looks inky and messy. Pencil users, on the other hand, can make use of the brilliantly artistic smudge effect to take their scribbling to another level.

Lastly, I would be signing off saying, pencils and pencil users always invoke a feeling of nostalgia in me. Pencils take me back to the golden time of my life – childhood, which otherwise is a one-way street.

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