Have you been saying GIF the wrong way?

GIF or JIF? Time to find out the correct way to pronounce it.


Heralding one of the greatest debates of this era is the pronunciation of the acronym GIF. GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, the widely used Web illustration can be pronounced with a “j” or a hard “g”.

The inventor Steve Wilhite asserted it should be pronounced ‘jif’ like the peanut butter brand. He sparked a debate amongst 17,000 twitter posts, 50 news articles and many nerdy arguments.

In the cerebral and popular The Big Bang Theory, Howard asks whether it is pronounced Gif or Jif, Leonard says it’s a short for Graphics, so essentially a hard ‘g’. When Raj reminds him that the guy who invented it calls if Jif, he retorts with “Guy or Juy?” The debate would probably have concluded better had Sheldon been a part of it.

(Image credits: sarcasm.co)

Replace with JIF and GIF.

But like Shakespeare asked: What’s in a name? According to linguist Elizabeth Pyatt, mispronouncing a word can cause feelings of shame and inadequacy because of the cultural norm and social standards.

Join the debate only if you want to sound pedantic, instead of correct. Probably, for the first time a visual app is creating noise.