Okay So, What Is The Right Age To Get Married?

I mean really, what is the *right* age to get married?

Okay So, What Is The Right Age To Get Married?
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With kids aged 22 getting “hitched” all across your Instagram, this dreadful thought does cross your mind. I know, because it happens to me all the time.

What’s even worse is the thought that this idea might be sown in your rishtedaars’ minds too. You’re not married yet, so what’s your armour at Dolly didi’s wedding when Pinky aunty tries to set you up with one of her NRI nephews? We got you covered!

Just kidding. Don't do that.
Just kidding. Don’t do that.

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But coming back to reality. At a time when you haven’t even selected a stable career, is now the right time to settle down with your partner? Or anyone, for that matter? OR If you have found the person you want to marry, don’t wait on our account. Go ahead, by all means. But, if you really want to find out the right time to ring your wedding bells, continue reading:

When You And Your Partner Are Ready

In all honesty, if you are seeing someone, the right time for you guys to settle down is when you both believe it is.

Pro Tip: Your relationship might be going well, but marriage is a whole other ball game. Living together is not the same as dating, they say.

Are You ‘Qualified’ To Get Married?

Us desis have one basic criteria for each gender before we decide they are eligible to cross the marriage threshold. For a guy, how much is annual package? And for our desi girls:

The misogyny-police can hold their breath. Yeh joke tha.

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But are you really ready to take in another human into your lives and share a room with them? They will always be there. When you go to sleep, and even when you wake up. Yes.

Cons: Might include wet towels on the bed, dishes on the table and/or a trail of clothes around the house. Think about that the next time you contemplate marriage.

What Does The Word “Proposal” Make You Feel?

How many of us feel:

But you, my friend, really need to think about reality settling in? The idea of a proposal might be fireworks and surrealism but what follows is a legit marriage. You have to follow through on the wedding shopping, invitations, actually being present on the day (no, you can’t ditch) and smiling at the beginning of what is called the end. *evil laughter*

No pressure bro.

How Do You Feel About Them?

What a saucy marriage that'd be.
What a saucy marriage that’d be.

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Do you feel about them the same way you feel about pizza? You’ve loved pizza for so many years? You’ve maintained your love through the crusts of life. Pizza has been there for you and you, sure as hell, have gone out of your way for pizza. Your love hasn’t wavered even though it might make you fat. Now, the question is would you do the same for your to-be partner?

Or we don’t know, they could just buy you some pizza maybe.

You Have To Be Nice To Them

In all honesty, marriage is no joke and yet most find humour in this subject. Lets be real. The right time to get married is when you’ve found the one you don’t want to kill when they forget to pick up your laundry for the millionth time.

Now, when are you getting married? Or are you?