No Better Day To Revisit F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Than Friendship Day!

No Better Day To Revisit F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Than Friendship Day!

No other show can make us feel what FRIENDS does. It is now an inseparable part of our lives. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the TV show, has taught us more about friendship than our actual friends. (a little bit of exaggeration is allowed, right?) But seriously, watching the show has been a special journey for us fans and its special memories are always going to be there for us. *sings the theme song*

If you are the Joey of your group and you are still wondering why I am talking about the show today, out of the blue, then here’s your answer- HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! Isn’t it the perfect day to revisit those special memories and moments of the show? Of course it is! This friendship day, just lie back, and watch few of the best episodes of FRIENDS with your friends. Here are the few of our favourite moments to let the nostalgia kick in.

The Ultimate Bro-Mance

If there’s one thing that the show is most popular about it the bromance between Chandler and Joey! You cannot even call them best friends because they are so much more than that. Even something as simple as reclining sofas were made iconic because of the bond they shared. I mean, can we ever forget how they would recline back at the same time, pull out the footrest and simultaneously let out a relaxing sigh- “Ahhhhh!” Oh and there is no forgetting their kiss either! It was New Year’s Eve and Chandler being Chandler started chanting, “Somebody kiss me it’s midnight!” And then, how could Joey not fulfil his friend’s wishes? Joey grabbed Chandler’s face and planted a big smooch to finally shut him up!

Funny incidents aside, they share many emotional moments too. Remember when Joey moved out to lease a nice apartment uptown? That emotional hug just before Joey left said it all. And well, they couldn’t stay apart for long, we know that 😛 Oh and I don’t want to talk about how Chandler kept a room for Joey in his new house because I will start crying, okay?

Rachel And Monica – A New BFF Definition

Rachel and Monica changed what Best Friends Forever meant to us. Be it Monica pinning Rachel down to give her eye drops or Rachel being scared about losing Monica to Julie, their friendship has evolved so much that it withstood all the tests of time. They had SO MUCH fun with each other. They were “Partners in crime” in its truest sense. Remember when they prank called Ross with a fake accent or when they bug-bombed the Basement Yeti or OHHH when Rachel helped Monica get revenge on chandler!!?? Haha they have been crazy together. And they have fought with each other so much too. From their competition for the apartment to the night when Rachel finally moves out, they fought like enemies but always got back together as Monica and Rachel- the best friends forever!

When Chandler Taught Us Acceptance

What matters is that they didn’t judge each other!
What matters is that they didn’t judge each other!

Image Credit: Tumblr- @giinarralphaandomega

Acceptance, true and honest acceptance, is the most important aspect of any friendship. When you enter a bond of friendship, you have to love your friend with all their flaws and shit. That’s how it works. That’s exactly why you can truly be yourself around your best friends.

Chandler helped us realize this in the episode “The One with the Thumb”. In the episode, everyone is frustrated and angered because of Chandler’s smoking habits and are insisting him to stop. This in turn hurts Chandler and angers him into giving a full blown speech to the gang. He made everyone realize how he has accepted each of their flaws/weird habits and loves them even if it gets on his nerves sometimes.

Each and everyone in the group have the independence to be their full self without holding anything back because of the atmosphere of acceptance amidst them. That’s how they even start appreciating and admiring themselves. That’s how healthy acceptance is for EVERYONE!

This doesn’t even cover half of what I wanted to share. There are SO MANY more moments like “The One with the Nap Partners” (Aww) Joey and Ross were so cute in that episode! And remember when Joey went vegetarian for Phoebe, who does that? :’) It was so sweet! And the Phoebe too goes out of her way to teach Joey how to speak French or play the guitar. The list goes on and on!

Just go watch it already! And Happy Friendship Day 😉