Most Shocking Methods Used To Create Artwork

Ever Used Fireworks For Art? There Are Even Weirder Methods Than That

Most Shocking Methods Used To Create Artwork
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Imagine being a muse to an artist only to be immortalised in their art forever? That is one dream that the mere mortals might have when we look at an artist highly engrossed with his canvas and his paints. However, we all know that artists can sometimes be… well, eccentric. It ranges from sudden inspirations at 3am at night to having an urge to spray paint the streets at midnight. Everything is a source of inspiration and a form of self-expression for an artist. However, some artists are truly weirder than the others and their forms of self-expression can actually be truly bizarre. We have a list of weird ways artist use to produce art.

Using Remote-Controlled Cars As Paintbrushes:

Ian Cook is a British artist but his tools of painting are truly different. Ian uses the tyres of robot-controlled cars to do his painting. He dips the tyres in paint before vrooming the toy car on his canvas because, paint brushes are obviously quite passé. Ian specializes in portraits of cars (go figure!) and has also experimented painting with real tyres. If this isn’t bizarre, no one knows what is! One of his most popular paintings include a Chevy Camaro painted by driving a remote-controlled car all over the huge canvas. He has also painted cars for the London Motor Show.

Let’s Light It Up – Smoke Painting:

Rosemarie Fiore is an artist who uses a completely different style of painting. She paints with the help of coloured smoke. You heard that one right. And if you are confused about how she paints with coloured smoke, the process is quite easy to explain. She has a tool called The Quad Axel that hovers a little above the ground. It can be rolled quite fast with the help of a pole. This makes smoke shoot out from the bottom, and create patterns on the canvas which when dried makes a beautiful surrealist painting. She has also experimented on creating art with the help of lawn mowers pin ball machines.

Wood Art Using A Magnifying Glass:

This is probably the hardest of them all. Artist Michael Papadakis who is of American-Greek descent creates art on wood with the help of a magnifying glass instead of a paintbrush. Using a technique called ‘heliography’ that was first invented by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the year 1822, Michael uses the heat of the sun magnified by the magnifying glass to burn designs onto the wooden canvas. His art technique has become very popular over the internet.

An Art Method To Honour:

Artist Hong Yi likes to paint but in her own words she says that it is not with the help of a paintbrush. She uses the nickname of ‘Red’ for all her artworks. Hong uses daily knick-knacks like sunflower seeds, shuttlecock feathers, coffee cup stains, socks and pins to make her portraits. Her work requires a lot of planning and an extreme attention to details. Her degree in architecture definitely plays a role in her style of art. She has painted portraits of Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball star and Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou. Anyone who sees Hong Yi’s art in person is surely to be spellbound.

The artistic vision of these artists sound splendid doesn’t it? Makes us wonder if we, not-so-artistic people could ever see beauty in the mundane the way some people could. Most probably not. But till then, the least we can do is appreciate beauty and art, isn’t it?