What Does It Mean To Be A Metrosexual Man?

On Men’s Grooming Day, we wonder what it means to be metrosexual, and how they are different from homosexuals.


Metrosexual, as a concept, has more to do with gender, than with sexual orientation of a person. So, a man can be very straight and still love to get a manicure. Metrosexuality is just a way to say that a man likes to look good and cares about his grooming. That is a far call from being gay.

In fact, metrosexual men are a promising market in today’s consumer culture. They have a good job, disposable income, high standard of living and avenues to spend on themselves. Such characters have stepped out of fashion magazines and movies, and walk the city streets amidst us.

But we also need to recognize the plain metrosexual in villages. These are characters that imitate film heroes, stitch their suits at the local tailor and care about the size of their moustache. They may be away from the cities, but that follow fashion at their own pace.

Coming back to city men, they have often been confused with the two extremes of narcissistic and gay. They are neither. A guy can care as much about his looks, as a girl. Fortunately, the society is slowly accepting this trend. A man who loves his collection of watches, or baths in his perfumes, or goes for spa treatment after his game of golf every weekend, has as much right to walk the talk as a girl has the right to her mall or spa time. It is not narcissism in essence.

And metrosexual men are often misunderstood as homosexual. But a man who spends time grooming himself may not necessarily like spending time with other men. Besides, spending time on grooming is better than coming out with an unkempt and nonchalant look. The two are as different as apples and oranges.

Meterosexuality is more about breaking established gender roles than about sexual orientation.

As we encourage women to break the glass ceiling, let’s allow the men to look more often in the glass mirrors.