Marketing And The Millennial World Of “Aesthetics”

I bet you're imagining semi nude photography in fairy lights right now!

Marketing And The Millennial World Of
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“Aesthetics” and the milennial belief in it will inspire you to change your branding approach altogether. There is this new wave of audience your business must cater to. Lucky for you, all it takes is one Aesthetic post aimed towards the right followers to see those ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ rolling in.

Experience Is The New Aesthetic

Who said you cannot sell your experience?
Who said you cannot sell your experience?

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Vacations, fancy cars, homes and instagram-worthy moments all day are aesthetical to the new millennial generation. From appealing walls of brick to delectable pictures of meals, the need to stay on top of the game is real. Your Instagram vibe equals the vibe of your soul in the milennial era. The aesthetic in this context revolves around the response you get after having undergone the experience and ‘sharing’ that experience with your social media fam. Take this path if personal branding is your need of the moment.

Marketing The “Aesthetics”

If you’ve paid any attention to your marketing gurus, you’ll realize millennials make the new ruling audience and “aesthetics” is the secret route to please them. Gone are the times when random pictures of your products used to be enough to raise sales. In current times, young lads in their teens and early twenties are highly influenced by their social media cohort and always want to keep up. This is what drives sales up nowadays for companies operating digitally. The right picture posted by the right influencer with a wild amount of impressionable following will land you sales just after ONE good upload.

The “Connection” Factor

A lot of this era's audience connect extremely well to *woke* campaigns. Promote your brand by supporting a cause and you might be called aesthetic AF.
A lot of this era’s audience connect extremely well to *woke* campaigns. Promote your brand by supporting a cause and you might be called aesthetic AF.

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With the world getting connected by a platform, there is a unifying factor joining most millenials down to certain ‘factors’. These factors are their favourable Aesthetics that you can exploit. Businesses are now looked at with a digital lens. What your Instagram handle or facebook/twitter accounts showcase about your business is how everyone will picture your brand. In such circumstances, each color, picture, font and word you choose has a scope of connecting itself to the masses. Be on the attentive side of this game and make lots of money out of the aesthetic-fanatic base.

Every millenial has a unique personality and they’re all appealed by distinctive aesthetics. Some have a thing for monochrome, while some have a thing for well-angled photograph. It’s safe to say as generous as they are with connections, they’re true to the things that they like and find ‘aesthetically pleasing’ online. Thus, market research and awareness will be the key to finding best ways of promoting your brand.