Maps Vs. Man – Is It Time To Bring Our Trust Back To Humans Again?

After all, it was Man who drew out those maps in the first place!

Maps Vs. Man - Is It Time To Bring Our Trust Back To Humans Again?
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The hype about technology making us more and more dependent on it is increasing by the day. And why not? After all, technology does deserve special accolades for making our lives so much easier than what it was even a decade ago. Be it responding to our hunger pangs or helping us find our mates and soul mates, technology has been our best friend, and it is only fair that we rely completely on our best friend.

Now that traveling is a trend more than ever before, and OLA and Uber beating public transport’s business, Google Maps is something even a 5 year old is aware of. It is that amazing invention of technology that has enabled us to enjoy being tourists without having to encounter any sort of hassle regarding directions. And not just in different cities, Google Maps have helped us in the remote corners of our city; such is its magnificent power of navigation. It tells us about the estimated time that will be required to reach a particular destination and it also warns us about the atrocities of traffic. Given these plus points, anyone would heavily rely on Google Maps and hence asking the locals for direction is no longer in vogue.

But this invention has also had its share of flaws, and sometimes glaring ones. Google Maps has got an infamous reputation attached to its name when a car being guided by Google Maps fell into a ditch, and as if that was not enough to ruin its reputation, many other incidents made us realize that it is a human who made Google Maps work, so probably trusting human beings for directions would make more sense.

Gone are the days when tourists would engage in a conversation with the locals of a particular place about directions. They would rather be hooked to their phones, even if that means roaming around the same place for hours together. Goa is one such tourist spot in India which is haunted by innumerable tourists every year, and Baga Beach is one happening place in Goa which should be visited. North Goa has one very well-liked route, which supposedly takes the tourists to Baga Beach. Thousands of tourists have lost their way taking that route because they did not think it feasible to ask the locals about the actual direction. They took the misleading path and Google Maps misled them even more.

However, a certain person made his messiah complex work. A banner was put up on a Goa road, which solved the confusion. The banner advised the tourists to not take the conventional route to Baga Beach as that was an incorrect one and it also gave the tourists a short cut route to the beach. And a picture of the banner on Twitter has gone viral and now it boasts of over 900 reactions and over 250 retweets. Now who would have thought that men would defeat technology and also ensure a hassle free vacation for the tourists in Goa?

This little step not only got many people sharing their own misleading experiences of using Google Maps, but it also got us thinking whether technology is really our best friend, or should we get back to the old practice of trusting locals for the best directions?.