Javed Defines What Is Outstanding Courage With A Single Leg For Support

Who says you need two legs to dance?

Javed Defines What Is Outstanding Courage With A Single Leg For Support

Javed Ramjan Choudhari has been in the news lately due to his dedication towards running on a marathon, participating with full zest and vigor, with just one leg for support. In a world where we are always complaining about the smallest of things, we must learn something from this 24-year-old man who is a wheelchair basketball player. Javed has also been bestowed with a number of awards, including many ‘Man of the Tournament’ awards for his outstanding performances at State-level basketball tournaments.

Javed, who is from Lonar, a place in the Boldhana district of Maharashtra is also an adventure athlete and swimmer. On Sunday, much to everybody’s awe, he participated in Pune Half Marathon, and successfully completed a run of no less than 10 kilometers with just a single leg. Following this, a video of the man dancing after finishing the required 10 kilometers in the marathon went viral all over the internet. It isn’t every day that we get to witness such an inspiration on the streets of India. We couldn’t help but find it adorable and at the same time, way too heartfelt.

The crowd there seemed to be thoroughly enjoying along with Javed. The other participants also danced along with him, encouraging and appreciating his tenacity. The dance performance was energetic and full of good vibes where Javed was seen being thoroughly content with his performance.

What the audience loved about Javed is his strong determination and dedication to achieve his goal. Running with stable and strong people who are perfectly fine to run better than he didn’t let him think of quitting or giving up. Rather, Javed made sure to finish the task and celebrate with a victory dance! All Javed has to say about this achievement is that he does everything which others ask him not to. He thinks that his failure teaches him a lot. Also, he was very happy stating that he performs bike stunts as well.

Javed has definitely provided with hopes to people who are facing tough times in life. Not just that, this man was able to bring a smile on the face of many people who just participated with him or cheered for him.