If You Could Have One Superpower

Are you the type who says “If I could have one wish, I would wish for three more wishes?”

if you could have one superpower

Do you dream of the speed of Flash or the strength of Superman or the stealth of Batman? Or do you just want to go green like Hulk? We all dream of one super power. HFT asked people what superpower they would aspire for if they could have one. And we got interesting answers.

Kainat Ahmed, works for a start-up accelerator and would like to have the superpower not to over-think. Satwik Gururaj, a software professional, would like to develop the quality of empathy to the fullest as his superpower.

While these folks would like more humane powers, girls seems to love the power to read minds. This seems a given for psychologist Chetana Mankar Alex, who obviously wants the power of mind reading to excel in her field and help people better. Journalist Janice Rodrigues wants the power to read minds so she can gauge the credibility of people she meets.

The ability to fly was also a favourite among people. Shrinath, a product strategy consultant, wants this gift as a special power. Hetvi Sethia, a singer too would like the power to teleport, so she can travel more, but also to avoid the terrible traffic jams in Mumbai.

HFT News Editor, Nikita Wagh, would also like this power to teleport to Himalayas every weekend with her friends and be back at work on Mondays. This holiday batman would surely leave Gotham at the risk of the Joker every Sunday.

While Jigar Dedhiya, a senior manager in a CA firm, would like to become invisible at will. With this power, he hopes to gain access to confidential meetings to know the decisions that affect the Indian citizens. On the side, he would also use this power to gain entry to Alia Bhatt’s bedroom.

While some want to teleport, some want to time travel. Manisha Singh Pradhan, Editor (Entertainment at HFT) would like to time travel back to her childhood in the hills of Darjeeling, avoid some mistakes, and spend time with her parents again.

Many people want the ability to travel for free. Most software guys, like Raj Chedda would like the power to travel the world without expenditure. And there were some who wanted the whole package with Batman’s money, Iron Man’s girlfriend and Superman’s Kryptonian virtues.

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Like they say, you can’t have it all. As for me, I just want to be a free animagus, with the ability to turn into any animal at will. “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.

What superpower do you wish for?