How to transform your new house into your perfect home

A new house doesn’t instantly feel like home. You have to give it time AND EFFORTS

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Moving in to a new house can be very exciting. It can mean so many positive things like a new beginning, fresh energy, new neighbours, and even a new lifestyle. But it is not all that easy. The first few weeks or months at your new house can feel very strange and foreign. You can have a difficult time getting comfortable with it and everything might feel a bit weird. To put it simply, it just doesn’t feel like “home”. Eventually, it will. But why wait for that long? Change your new house into a perfectly lovely home almost instantly, here’s how-

Follow your standard schedule.

It is important to live well and live comfortably from the moment you move in, that’s the only way to make it feel like home.

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Home is not as much about the walls and floors as much it is about you, your routine, and your feelings. It is about how you feel in it. That feeling separates home from a house. So, don’t try incorporate too many changes in your lifestyle as soon as you shift. To begin with, mimic your regular routine. Follow the standard schedule. And in order to facilitate that, try to replicate the basics like where you keep your keys or where you dump your clothes etc. If possible, even use the same old hooks and baskets.

If you have a favourite resting couch or sofa, bring it along and make sure it’s ready to use from day one. If you have a habit of listening to music every day, prioritise setting up your music system. It is about all the big and small things that make you, you. There are people who start with their bedroom instead of the common area when it comes to organizing stuff, because bedrooms are where you REALLY live.

The recreation

Another pro tip is to cook at home from day one. It could be something as simple as oatmeal or Maggi, but cook it because home is a homemade meal!

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You had a home, so you already know what home feels like. Now that you are in a new house, all you have to do is recreate the home you previously lived in. Do not take tip too seriously because a new house got to remain new. You don’t have to replicate your old home here, just recreate your favourite and most familiar sights. It could a wall art. It could be a fancy clock. It could be a wall filled with memories. Maybe you call it a memory wall?
It could also be a smell. Use the same room freshener or scented candles if you associate that smell with the feeling of “home”.

It could even be a sound. Now, if you are accustomed to a sound of a broken window or leaking tap, I strongly recommend you NOT to recreate it. But if it is something sweet and simple like a musical show piece or a clock with bell, you should bring it home ☺

See? It isn’t so difficult. At the end of the day, Home is where your heart is.