How To Deal With Your Parent’s Unrealistic Expectations?

With the “results season” up and blooming, here we are with the most talked about topic of this season!

How To Deal With Your Parent's Unrealistic Expectations?
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If there are two things that parents are champions in, they are unconditional love and unrealistic expectations. Unconditional love is still something we can handle. Of course we can 😛 But how do we deal with their unrealistic expectations? As a parent, they are doing their best. They clearly have no clue of what and how much to expect and that’s where we, the children, get dreadfully caught in. Of course you are allowed to live a life you want but you cannot entirely ignore your parents’ expectations from you! At the same time you cannot cater to all of their impractical expectations. So what do you do?

The Most Boring, Dreadful, And Yet The Best Way Out – A Sincere Talk

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” - Rabindranath Tagore
“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” – Rabindranath Tagore

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There is no problem that cannot be solved by a sincere conversation. If you feel there is a little chance that your parents might understand, tap on it! But always remember that the talk much be sincere and genuine. You need to be very patient and put in all your efforts in convincing them. Make them understand how you cannot live up to their expectations because you have some different plans for your life or career and that you have every right to pursue those plans. Tell them how they are very important and you’ll always need them for counsel and care but they have brought you up well enough to take your own decisions now. Choose your words carefully and try to make it work.

Prove Yourself

You may not live up to their expectations but make sure you live up to yours. You need to assure your parents that you are on the right path. The logic is simple. If you really want your parents to shed their expectations and believe in yours, prove that your goal is worth a shot and you are doing everything you can to achieve it. Self-education can be one way. Getting concrete results can be another. The bottom-line is to present enough evidence to your parents of how serious you are about it and that what you have chosen makes you happy.

Discuss Your Life And Your Problems

Stay in touch and give your parents an opportunity to understand you.
Stay in touch and give your parents an opportunity to understand you.

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In order for your parents to understand why their expectations are unrealistic, they need to know and understand what’s real. They might still be living in their own version of reality. Change that by discussing your life with them. Keep them informed and tell them what’s up. Share your problems with them, share your goals and aspirations with them, and help them connect with you/ your generation. When you are honest with your parents, they might as well learn to adjust their expectations and support you in your endeavors.

Another important thing to make sure is that you do not set unrealistic expectations for yourself. I mean then, what was the point? Stay calm, sincere, and work very hard! That pretty much covers it, more or less.