How To Deal With Being A Back Up Friend?

Most of you know what I am talking about here. You are sort of lucky if you don’t!

How To Deal With Being A Back Up Friend?
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Although the term back-up friend is quite self explanatory, I would still like to put it out there what it exactly means. So, you are a back-up friend if you are someone’s friend but not their best friend. This friend wouldn’t wish you happy birthday at 12 am sharp but might call you for a coffee when they are feeling alone. You will be there for this friend when they are going through a hard time but once they are past it, they might just forget you exist. Now you feel what I am talking about, don’t you?

Don’t Invest In Undeserving Friends

Bad friends aren't worth your time.
Bad friends aren’t worth your time.

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Look, I understand you are a loyal friend. I also understand you are good as a person and it is difficult for you turn down a call for help. But, you must think of your time and efforts as an investment. Introspect and see if people around you are changing your life for good or not. If not, it is time to move on. Waiting for a good, deserving friend is a much better option!

You Friendships Should Not Be Your Identity

Good or bad, your friendships shouldn't define who you are.
Good or bad, your friendships shouldn’t define who you are.

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Being a back-up Friend is nothing to be porud of. It is time to shed this weird identity. If your Friendships define you as a person, then there’s something very wrong going on. Why let a bad set of friends make YOU feel bad about yourself? Make your own identity and choose your friends very wisely. Always remember that you are a loyal, true, and a fantastic Friend. That’s your identity, not a “back-up Friend” that makes you feel less worthy.

It’s Okay

You are on a journey and on your road to making AMAZING REAL friends, you wil always come across few fake ones. Just deal with them and move on. This is not the end but only an experience. Do not let this overpower your life or your lifestyle. It’s okay to choose wrong people sometimes, it only makes you more human.

It’s all good as long as you know what you’re doing. And apparently, if you are reading this, you know quite a lot!