How To Be The “Mai Apni Favorite Hun” Geet Of Jab We Met?

Can you really become your own favorite person?

How To Be The
Image Credit: Movie - Jab We Met

Till now we have been ALL about how to become everybody’s favorite. We keep doing things to get eveyone else to like us. But do we really like ourselves? Are you your own favorite person? In this strange race of life, we often forget to ask this question to our own heart. Thank God for the Geet’s character in the movie Jab We Met because it forced us to have this conversation. That one doialogue “Mai Apni Favorite Hun” won hearts of many Indians but how many hearts did really ask that question to themselves? It’s okay even if you didn’t. And it’s okay even if you think you are NOT your own favorite person. Because there is always time to change that. There is always time to become your own favorite peroson!

Being your own favorite person means liking your own company. It is about how you feel or how you spend your time when you are all by yourself. In order to like yourself, you have to become the person you like. It is as simple as it sounds but let me narrow it down for you.

Face any situiation head on! Do not be scared and believe in yourself.
Face any situiation head on! Do not be scared and believe in yourself.

Image Credit: Movie – Jab We Met

Start by keeping yourself away from all the shit, garbage, gossips, and mud slinging going on around you. As a friend, you’d expect your friend not to gossip about you right? Be that friend for your friend! Be someone people can trust and you will automatically start trusting yourself. Be punctual, be forgiving, be kind, and most importantly laugh. Laugh like you really mean it.

Do not live with any regrets. If there is something you want to do, just do it! If there is something you believe in, see it through. Keep yourself healthy. Eat well. Sleep well. Becoming your own favorite person can be all about taking good care of yourself!

And read! Or write! Or paint! The point being, pick a hobby and never lose your touch with it. Be very compassionate and understanding. This will reflect on your attitude towards yourself as well. You will understand yourself better and before you even realize, you will most definitely become your own favorite person!