How Celebrity Endorsements Lure Us To Buy Products

Should you really buy that cream to get that actress-like flawless glowing skin?

How Celebrity Endorsements Lure Us To Buy Products

Thanks to social media, our generation lives in the illusion that our favourite celebrities are somewhat of a near friend, and we end up investing a lot of emotions including fierce loyalty and trust into them. Now, this is not to say that celebrities are not human beings just like us, but they do live lives that most of us cannot afford. We all know for a fact that Deepika does not actually use the perfume and other chemical infused coconut oil that she endorses, or that Varun is not vigorously lathering his own face with that men’s face wash he is selling on TV, each morning. But still, most of us end up buying the products our favourite celebrities endorse. So, what really tricks us into falling for this trap?

To begin with, top marketers out there know very well how to play with their consumers’ mind/psychology. Well, that’s what their job is, to lure and get people to purchase! The better they can tempt, the higher their revenue! We Indians love hero-worshipping, and when Shahrukh Khan convincingly tells that only fair guys get good-looking girls, a college going nerd will definitely buy that fairness cream or face wash – meant for the tough skin of guys – mind it! Sometimes, though the endorsement is not being done by a mega celebrity, even a Yami Gautam taking a lord-knows-what laser test to prove a fairness cream is the in the market makes us hoard tubes after tubes either in the hope of a fairer skin (literally 10 shades fairer – all year round!) or of winning that 5 crore rupees they offered in the ad to anyone who proves their cream is not the best.

Sometimes, the products are super-expensive and the luring comes from our wish to be like our favourite celebs rather than just trusting them. So, when Kareena Kapoor goes around wearing a pair of INR 9,999 Masaba Gupta jeans, some of us are ready to break a fixed deposit, to follow her footsteps!

When Siddharth proposed Priyanka in a dream-like way in the Valentine’s Day ad for Nirav Modi Diamonds, surely some of their fans were wondering which limb to sell so that they could afford a ring like that in future, if not in present. Truly, Nirav Modi owes those two a lot, as well as to the country for the 2 Billion USD to be precise. But that’s another issue altogether.

Point is, when celebrities convince us into believing that they are our friends genuinely concerned about our thin or rough hair, or our patchy or dark skin color, it is their skill as actors that show up! However, it’s our foolishness as bind followers, to purchase products simply judging it from the face value of the endorsers. Did you ever pause to think before buying that razor, that Deepika was actually shaving her already waxed leg to convince you?

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