HFT turns a month old

Musings of a hardcore non vegetarian turned vegetarian editor at Hot Friday Talks


So we’re a month old today. It’s been one hectic month of writing, editing and working day and night. It’s been fun writing all the articles especially since I have the liberty to write about things I like and want to write. Writing is something I have been doing since a long time now, but working in an office that is dominated by Gujaratis is a first time.

Besides polishing my editing skills and SEO skills etc. another skill I have acquired is deciphering Gujarati. My Gujju vocab has improved to such an extent that I can actually give gaalis in Gujju! And for all those wanting to give me gaalis in Gujarati: BEWARE! “Mane khabar che tu su boleche. Joeleje!” (wink)

From being a hardcore non vegetarian, I have now become weekday vegetarian and have discovered that Handwa, Mohanthal, Muthia, Khandwi Patra, Khaman Dhokla, Thepla, Khakra, Thor, are not names of super heroes but food. Yes, you guessed it right Gujju Food. At the same time I’ve introduced my colleagues to a few Himalayan delicacies and some first flush organic tea straight from the tea gardens of Darjeeling!

Another survival skill that I have learnt is to survive in the Mumbai heat without a few hours of air-conditioning. Born and raised in the mountains, the heat has been my biggest enemy but I’m slowly learning to fight that too. The AC in our office sometimes behaves like the snooty, superstar with mood swings. At times it freezes the room and though there’s a big smile on my face, the entire office is frowning and complaining and pulling out their hoodies from their bags as if they’ve suddenly been thrown into the Arctic! Then off goes the AC (Arree aa su thae gayo bhai?) courtesy Ganesh, our handyman who substitutes as the AC remote when the need arises.

Yet another skill acquired is writing amidst all the noise that suddenly seems to gain momentum especially post lunch. Which leaves me wondering; is it the Gujju food ka kaamal or what? Everyone starts feeling more energized post lunch and the voices only get louder!

But all said and done, it’s been a fruitful enlightening month and I am looking forward to many more adventures at HFT.