Here’s Why Dr. Nalini Feels We Need To Boycott Women’s Day

Celebrating a day as Women’s Day is in itself against women empowerment

Here’s Why Dr. Nalini Feels We Need To Boycott Women’s Day

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, we spoke to a lot of women from different walks of life.

It was really interesting what they all had to say. So even as you’re reading about the many ways in which International Women’s Day is going to be celebrated this year, here is a lady who feels that, in order to really empower women, we first need to stop celebrating Women’s Day.

See what Dr. (Mrs.) Nalini Eswaran has to say.

First of all I am strongly against celebrating a day called Women’s day which in itself is against women empowerment. I do not understand why we women have to be given one day out of 365 days and told that on this particular day you will be cherished and respected and be given the freedom to do what you want.

And the remaining 364 days – women are back in their roles of either being used or suppressed, not respected, being dominated and so on. Why?

We women comprise half the strength of humankind and are responsible and capable of giving birth to the entire humankind. Then why is it that all days are not Women’s days? Why is there no Men’s day? Why do not we have the same rights and freedom as a man in general? Why do we need to wait for that one day (our so called D Day) to feel loved or wanted or appreciated? If we women all agree not to celebrate this day, or to boycott Women’s day, that in itself will be a big step towards women empowerment.

I am not against acknowledging the due rights of women. Accordingly, women have the full right to do what they like and lead their life the way they want to, without being judged. Men and women are completely equal in all aspects. So, if men can have premarital sex without objection then why not women? If a man can remain single for life and be successful, why is a woman questioned if she wants to stay single and focus on something else instead of getting married?

If a man is unmarried, nobody gives it a second thought. Similarly, if a girl remains unmarried, she also has the full right to live happily, without ending up as a topic for gossip. If husbands can earn more than their wives with their wives feeling proud of them, then why cannot wives earn more than their husbands without their husbands feeling jealous of them? A woman has the full right to come up to higher roles in her career and get the same appreciation and support from her family as a man would get.

It is sad to see that not only men, but even a lot of women are against their own empowerment because they think of themselves as the weaker sex.

There is nothing that women cannot or should not do that men can do. We can keep debating for hours on women empowerment, but true empowerment in all aspects will happen when this whole world (men and women themselves), consider women to be equal to men and their equal half, rather than the weaker or inferior sex.

Dr. (Mrs.) Nalini Eswaran, 39, is a senior research scientist at Dhirubhai Ambani Life Science Center, Navi Mumbai. Presently she is a proud homemaker who is dedicating all her time, intellect and love to taking care of her family.

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