Here’s how to control the urge to spurge

Are you overspending too often? Here’s how to stop!

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Of course we make a shopping list! Of course we DO NOT stick to it! Every now and then, we indulge in the sin called overspending. It’s normal. It’s part of being who you are. We get emotional and we click the button or grab the t-shirt. It just happens. And yeah, the aggressive and manipulating marketing techniques of companies aren’t exactly helpful either. While it might be common to splurge but if YOU start splurging a bit too commonly, you will eventually find yourself in huge debts.

And thus it becomes really crucial to manage your urge to splurge. Here are few tips that might be of some help-

Carry limited money and no credit cards

In fact, don’t even subscribe to a credit card if you don’t REALLY need it. Trust me, you will save loads of money.

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How will you spend what you don’t even have? Leave home with an amount of money that you need and only a little bit extra for safety. DO NOT carry your credit card with you. This is the best and most efficient way of avoiding impulse purchases. Carry your cards only when you actually need them.

Now, I know a lot of you actually splurge from the comforts of your home. Yeah, e-commerce is a bitch! We will come to that, one problem at a time!

Hang on!

This one’s a brilliant trick. So, whenever you have taken the FINAL decision to purchase something, make it a rule that you cannot place the order instantly. The rule can be to wait for 24 hours or 2 days or even a week, whatever works for you. Now this time that you give yourself is extremely crucial. Whether you want to or not, you will find yourself questioning the purchase. This method will help you avoid meaningless purchases like a boss!

Give yourself an occasional treat

Sometimes, only sometimes you really deserve to splurge!

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Make splurging an actual thing. When splurging becomes a special treat that you give yourselves only when you really deserve it, you will automatically not do it regularly. This is like making a weapon out of your worst enemy. You are using the “evil splurge” for your own good. How smart is that? 😉

What also works for people is “think about something else” or “finding something else to calm yourself down” because a lot of people have the tendency to use splurging as an act of calming oneself down. I mean, whatever works for you as long as you can avoid the urge to splurge!