Here’s How Being Sincere And Humble Could Make You Viral On YouTube!

A lesson of humanity, fame often makes us forget

Here’s How Sincerity And Humbleness Could Make You Viral On YouTube!
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When it comes to the Youtuber community, people do not really hold a high regard for them, thanks to their absurd and sometimes downright offensive actions and words to create the perfect click bait. For some reason, over the years YouTubers have gone from being obsessed with creativity to being obsessed with the number game and with the rise of controversial YouTubers like the Paul brothers or Tana Mongeau, the good reputation of the community that was built on the genuinely creative content of YouTubers like Casey Neistat, Lilly Singh, Ryan Higa or Hannah Hart among many, has been going downhill ever since.

Amidst all the hullaballoo of YouTube’s confusing algorithm and the consequent absurdities to stay relevant on the platform, one creator has been touching hearts just with the simplicity of his sincerity. Nilson Izaias, an elderly YouTuber from Portugal is winning hearts on the internet by his act of gratefulness. Every now and then we hear our favourite YouTubers talk about how thankful they are for their fans, but for many fans that are the only piece of acknowledgement they ever get from their “role models”. On a platform like YouTube, it is mostly the audience that decides the career of a creator but most of the time, accepting the thanks from their favourite creator as just a face in the huge crowd is all one gets. But for the subscribers of Nilson, the story goes differently.

The old school YouTuber makes sure that every single one of his subscribers knows that their support is appreciated- by writing down their names and thanking them individually. In fact, the series of videos of him reading out the names of almost seventy thousands of his subscribers off of a notebook where he actually penned down each of their names and thanking them is what gained him all the attention, and rightfully so. After those videos, Nilson’s channel’s subscriber count went up to a whopping 3.3 million, from just over a thousand followers in January.

The general content of his channel was actually about gardening where he either talked about his love for gardening or shared tips on making slime but in 2018 he decided to write down the names of all his subscribers and show his genuine gratitude.

The astronomical growth of his channel since then only goes ahead to prove that there is nothing more viral than sincerity and people on YouTube are still ready to watch content that more on the side of wholesomeness than listen to a rant about how one YouTuber is going to “go gay for a month”. On such a major platform like YouTube where the young people especially get influenced so much, we probably need more people like Nilson Izaias to teach a gesture or two of humanity.