Here’s How A Woman Won A Case Against A Dating Firm

A woman in London sued a dating agency because they could not offer her enough men

Here’s How A Woman Won A Case Against A Dating Firm
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They say there are enough fish in the ocean for all. But when there are not, it can be a very good opportunity to earn some money.

Tereza Burki had sued Seventy Thirty, an elite dating firm in London for deceit and misrepresentation. In return, she won the case and was given a compensation of £13,100 (approx. 11 Lakh rupees). And all this because the firm could not procure her the perfect date they had promised the divorcee.

Burki, 47, a mother of three who lives in Chelsea, approached the dating service in 2013 in pursuit of a new partner. Her requirements were not modest. She wanted a ‘sophisticated gentleman’, who would be the man of her dreams, the father of her child. This man was also supposed to sponsor her international trips. Obviously, when she could not find such a perfect mate, she turned her gold-digging intentions on the firm.

What the firm did wrong was promise her that there were actually many such men with their agency. They misrepresented the availability of such eligible partners. This was their mistake. It is wrong to promise love when it depends on your fortune.

One wonders how many girls should sue Jane Austen for creating the dream of a perfect Mr. Darcy? How many girls grew up thinking they will meet this perfect man and live happily ever after. Austen, the greatest writer of romance, has wronged many as Mr. Darcy never exists.

Mr. Darcy epitomised the perfect man for many girls
Mr. Darcy epitomised the perfect man for many girls

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Imagine something like this happening in India. What if women start suing matrimonial sites for promising a well-bred groom, only to that the rosy colour has worn off, and there is a chauvinist pig under the skin of this perfect man? Or what if boys realise that the Tinder pic was a façade, and there is shrill witch behind that picture?

Finding love is a great gamble. And while some are waylaid on this difficult path, some like Burki can earn enough to make them feel better about their broken dreams of exalted love.