Have You Seen The First Bihu Performance In Space?

Celebrating the roots and for love, this time in space

Have You Seen The First Bihu Performance In Space?
Image Credit: finderbridge.com

Scientists and astronauts are thought of as grim and serious people who have left their laugh and giggle somewhere in the pages of history or maybe in the books of science. However, this is just a generalization and it hardly proves anything. Even astronauts can have their share of fun, irrespective of where they are, and very recently this NASA astronaut proved to us that no matter what, he can sing and dance in space and keep the fun and frolic alive despite all the gravitational issues.

Bihu is the celebration of New Year for the ones living in Assam, and it is celebrated with much pomp and glory on the 14th of April. The festival welcomes the arrival of spring with open arms and no celebration can be completed without dancing. Bihu dance is very close to the people of Assam and is a beautiful amalgamation of culture and tradition.

But what about the ones who are not in Assam during the celebration? What about their plight who miss the celebrations and can hardly do much about it because work comes first? Some can go to some restaurant and relish the traditional food that is there, but that is just about it. However, this astronaut from NASA proved us all wrong, and we love it how Col. Mike Fincke performs Bihu in space and that too wearing the traditional red and white gamosha, which is worn by the people of Assam during the dance.

He clearly could not keep away from the nostalgia of Bihu and the contagious energy of Bihu seems to have spread as far as space. But you might wonder what a foreigner has got so much to do with one of the traditional dance forms of India? Even we were wondering that but this scientist s going to different lengths for love. Col. Mike Fincke is married to a woman of Assamese origin, named Renita Saikia, who is also an astronaut at NASA. This man must dearly love his wife, so much so that he did not shy away from sticking to her roots even while in space.

The video has gone viral all over social media and is garnering a lot of love from the people all across the country, and why not? It is not every day that we come across a loving husband celebrating his wife’s traditional festival while floating in space. The fact that he even wore a gamosha was like a cherry on top. The video is cute and hilarious and we wonder what it must have been to dance in zero gravity. Col. Mike Fincke has paid a great tribute to Bihu and the people of Assam love him for it, and he has set an example for all Indians. A foreigner celebrates the Assamese new year in space, thus, it is about time all of us started attaching equal importance to traditional festivals and celebrations.

As far as the love of the husband for the wife is concerned, this is the literal representation of happiness which is called “to the moon and back.”