Guess Who’s Cheering For Launching In Hindi

True to our vision of building for India, is now available in Hindi


True to our vision of building for India and breaking through the language barrier of just creating content in English, is now launching in Hindi!

Till now, we have had a heart-warming interaction with you all with over 3000 articles that shared the latest and most trending topics on lifestyle, entertainment, health, travel, relationships, work and much more. Our articles have been read, liked, and shared all by you, and it’s truly exciting that now, we can connect with more readers through the national language of India – Hindi.

Here’s what you can expect to find on Hindi brings to you the latest scoop on celebrities, music, movies, work, relationship, health, culture, travel, food and opinion on what’s hot and happening. Our aim is to get you in a relaxed mood to help you live like every day is Friday. At, we are constantly working to bring you news and trivia from all across the country and even abroad, right at your fingertips.

See who’s cheering for us for launching in Hindi

It is none other than the super talented actor Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who has cheered for our Hindi launch on camera! While wishing us all the best for the road ahead, Mr Perfectionist made no mistake in putting the message across in Hindi! In the message, he is happy knowing about the launch of in Hindi and has put forward his best wishes for our new beginning. He signs off by wishing us all the best.

It took us some time to start on the road to our vision, but we have finally launched in Hindi. As we have received the love and support of our readers in English till now, we’re looking forward to a larger number of readers who can connect with us. Let your friends and family know about this big launch from the house and team of Do follow us at @HotFridayTalks for tweets and updates in English. And for the new craze in Hindi, you will have to hang on a little longer. Don’t all good things take a little time?